Building Regulation Fees

Building Regulation Fees

The fees to accompany a Building Regulations application are set by separate legislation.

Specified works include:

  • Construction of a new of replacement dwelling,
  • Installation of cavity wall insulation,
  • Installation of an unvented hot water system
  • Construction of a domestic porch
  • Extension to a dwelling up to 60m2
  • A loft space conversion in a dwelling for 1 or more rooms,
  • Construction of an attached garage to a dwelling (up to 60m2),
  • Construction of a detached domestic garage (up to 60m2) if not exempt*
  • Replacement of a combustion appliance (i.e. boiler, fire, stove etc.)
  • Installing a new or altering an existing heating system in a dwelling (i.e adding new radiators etc.)
  • Installation of microgeneration technology (i.e. Solar PV or water panels, wood pellet boilers, heat pumps etc.)

*Contact your local Building Regulation office for further guidance on exemption

All other works are based on an “estimated cost of works” including:

  • All works to non domestic buildings,
  • Any works not stipulated above i.e.
    • Installation of a new wood/multifuel stove in a dwelling,
    • Creating or altering a structural element (domestic or non domestic),
    • Altering a conservatory roof so that less than 75% is no longer transparent

To calculate the required fee for “estimated cost of works” please use the following calculator:

Building Regulation 'Estimated Cost of Works' Fees Calculator