Energy Performance of Buildings

Display Energy Certificates

Similar to EPCs, Display Energy Certificates (DECs) provide an energy performance rating A to G for public sector buildings.

Unlike EPCs the DECs take into account how the building is being used, and takes the previous year’s energy usage of the building into account. 

A DEC is required for all publicly funded buildings that have a total useful floor area of over 500m² and are frequently visited by members of the public. This floor area was reduce from 500m² to 250m² on the 9 July 2015.

The DEC must be displayed in a prominent place within the building and be clearly visible to the public. A DEC is only valid for one year and must be updated annually.

A DEC must be accompanied by an advisory report which provides recommendations on how to improve the energy performance rating of the building. The advisory report is valid for seven years and does not need to be displayed to the public.

A DEC can only be produced by a competent and accredited energy assessor who is accredited to produce DECs. For details of energy assessors in your area check local press or visit the Northern Ireland EPC Register website.