Energy Performance of Buildings

Inspection of Air Conditioning Systems

An air conditioning system with an output rating of more than 12kW must be inspected at regular intervals not exceeding five years.

The air-conditioning inspection report must include an assessment of the air-conditioning system’s efficiency and the sizing of the system compared to the cooling requirements of the building, and give advice on possible improvements to the system, replacement of the system and alternative solutions.

It is the responsibility of the ‘relevant person’ to ensure that the building they are responsible for has the necessary air conditioning inspection report. The ‘relevant person’ will be the person who controls the operation of the system.

If you control the operation of an air-conditioning system affected by these Regulations, it is your responsibility to:

  • Ensure an inspection has been carried out in accordance with the legislation.
  • Keep the most recent Air Conditioning Inspection Report produced by the energy assessor for inspection.
  • Give any inspection report in your possession to any person taking over your responsibilities with respect to the control of the air-conditioning system.

If you have taken over control of an air-conditioning system and you haven’t been given an inspection report, you must ensure the system is inspected within three months of taking over such control.

An inspection can only be performed by a competent and accredited energy assessor who is qualified to inspect air-conditioning systems.

For details of energy assessors in your area check local press or visit the Northern Ireland EPC Register website.