Entertainment Licence

Photograph of someone playing a guitar

You need an Entertainment Licence if people watch or take part in live entertainment on your premises including any:

  • dancing, singing or music
  • indoor sport
  • theatre
  • circus show

You also need a licence to stage open air music events on private land.

You don’t need a licence for:

  •     garden fetes
  •     athletic events
  •     public exhibitions of work
  •     any music or singing that’s part of religious worship

Educational institutions and licensed cinemas are also exempt.

Fees for the licence

The table below shows the fees that are required for an indoor entertainment licence

Number of people to be licensed for

Annual Licence

Occasional (14 days in a year)

Less than 100















More than 1000



Schools, church halls, voluntary organisations (holding a non-profit event) or charities wishing to hold an indoor entertainment event there is a set fee of £50

Application Process

To apply for an entertainment licence you must provide us with the following information

  • Completed application form
  • Correct fee
  • Evidence of Public Liability insurance
  • Electrical certificate for the premises carried out in the last 3 years by third party certified contractor
  • Fire alarm certificate
  • Emergency lighting certificate
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire fighting equipment certificate
  • New applications need to submit 3 copies of premises plans

Full details of the certificates required are detailed in the application pack available at the bottom of this page.

Entertainment licence advertisements

Within seven days of submitting your application, you must also place legal notice of it in a local newspaper. These are not required for applications for a 14-day occasional licence made by schools, church halls, voluntary organisations or charities.