Public Realm

Ballymena Public Realm

Image of the proposed public realm works in Ballymena

The scheme aims to significantly enhance public space, accessibility, and safety within the town centre and is expected to add new vitality as well as stimulating support from within the local community to promote more creative uses for the area.

Ballymena Public Realm Update


Update for week commencing:

22 April 2018

Remediation Work

  • Due to an unforeseen issue with NIE cables, drainage works will continue on Bryan Street/Wellington Street corner until 30th April.  
  • Defect works on Wellington Street are ongoing with drainage works to follow.
  • All remedial defects on Church Street have now been completed, with some drainage defects still to be addressed.
  • Minor works will continue on Ballymoney Street.

Band Stand

Major construction work will be undertaken to the road in and around Broadway to facilitate the new canopy and seating. As a result, the following roads will be closed from 07.30am Sunday 22 April until 07.30 Saturday 5 May;  

  • Broughshane Street (from Alexander Street junction)
  • Broadway
  • Broadway Avenue
  • Church Street Link

Road Closures

  • As a result of the road closure for the Band Stand works, the Department For Infrastructure (DFI) are taking the opportunity to reconstruct a section of the carriageway on Broughshane Street from Garfield Place to Broadway which has recently been showing signs of failure. This will involve deep excavation and rebuilding the road which will necessitate a 24hr closure.
  • Broughshane Street will be closed from the Alexander Street junction to Broadway from 07.30am Sunday 22 April until 07.30 Saturday 5 May.
  • Businesses in the immediate area have already been contacted by both the Council and DFI.
  • Access to all businesses will still be possible by foot and surrounding car parks will also be accessible with diversion signs in place.

Update for week commencing:

16 April 2018

Remediation Works

Drainage works to continue on Bryan Street/Wellington Street Corner. Work to start on Ballymoney Street defects. Drainage channel to be removed from the pavement from Just to Ballymena Dental Care on Broughshane Street. Ad hoc minor defects will be carried out throughout the town.

Band Stand

Copper Cladding to be carried out on bandstand. Paving to be carried out around the bandstand base.

Update for week commencing:

26 March 2018

Remediation Works

Minor works will continue on Wellington Street. Work will be undertaken around pavement utility covers and tree pits on most streets.


Paving and canopy works to continue.

Update for week commencing:

19 March 2018

Night Time Road Closures

Broughshane Street will be closed at Granville Street for the installation of the new bandstand canopy. Closures are as follows;

  • Tuesday 20 March 7pm – 7am
  • Wednesday 21 March 7pm – 7am
  • Thursday 22 March 10pm – 7am

There is a possibility that there may be an additional night time road closure on Friday 23 March 10pm – 7am, however, this is dependent on progress made earlier in the week.

Diversions will be in place at Granville Street.


Works to address minor defects will continue throughout the town centre. Remediation works will be undertaken outside the Marie Curie Shop on Wellington Street.

Band Stand

The structural frame for the bandstand canopy will be erected.

Easter Holidays

There is no work planned for w/c 26th March. Work will resume Mon 9th April. Should you have any issues or concerns please see contact details below.

Update for week commencing:

12 March 2018

Band Stand

  • Concrete bases to be laid for granite seating.
  • Paving works to be progressed.

Remediation Works

  • Minor defects will be undertaken throughout the town.

Update for week commencing:

5 March 2018

Remediation Works

  • Wellington Street – It is anticipated the current section of paving from Progressive to Benneton will be completed.
  • Bryan street / Wellington street Corner – It is anticipated the paving to this corner will be completed.
  • Minor remedial works will continue in Wellington Street from Bryan Street to Mill Street.
  • Minor remedial works will take place in Bryan Street.

Broadway Works

  • Base levels to be finalised and foundations to be installed for the granite seating.
  • Paving works to begin within island.                
Update for week commencing:

26 February 2018

Remediation Works

  • Remediation work to continue on the pavement at the Bryan Street / Wellington Street junction.
  • Elements of isolated remediation works to Wellington Street, Church Street, Broughshane Street and Ballymoney Street.


  • New Kerb line complete by 23rd February 2018.
  • Concrete plinths to be formed for seating.
  • Base levels to be formed within Island.
Update for week commencing:

19 February 2018


  • Works are progressing well and foundations for the new canopy structure have now been completed. Work at Broadway will continue through the coming months with completion expected late spring 2018.

Meeting House Lane

  • It is anticipated the surface paving to Meeting House Lane will be completed on 16 February 2018.

Wellington Street

  • Works to Wellington Street will recommence week beginning 19 February 2018 and will last for approximately three weeks.
Update for week commencing:

12 February 2018
  • Work will be completed at the Broughshane St and Ballymoney St Corner and open to vehicles and pedestrians evening of 9 February 2018.
  • Work at the beginning of Church Street will continue and be completed by Friday 16 February 2018
  • Broadway work will continue this week with foundations for new canopy being prepared
  • Meeting House Lane work was completed on 8 February 2018 by NIE and will now be reinstated this week.
  • Wellington Street will continue this week with remedial works.
Update for week commencing:

5 February 2018

Remedial Works

  • Work will now commence on Wellington Street, the main area being from midway Progressive Building Society frontage to Midway Benetton frontage. It is envisaged this work will be for a period of approximately 3 weeks. Pedestrian access to all premises on this section of street will be maintained.  


  • Works will continue at the Broadway/Ballymoney street junction this week which is planned to be completed by the end of the week. Due to Health & Safety concerns, this will involve a temp closure on the carriageway unto this work is completed.
  • Paving will be extended at Broadway avenue junction/Church Street to the two temporary bitmac bays. This work is planned to last a week and access to properties will not be affected. There will be no impact to vehicular traffic.     
  • Visits have taken place to properties where work will take place and will continue throughout the week.

Update for week commencing:

29 January 2018

  • Work will continue at Broadway.
  • Work will begin on Broadway Bandstand area – foundations prepared.
  • Remedial work will focus on Church Street for next two to three weeks.

NIE remain in Meetinghouse Lane and once they have completed their electrical works, contractors will make good all surface work.

In view of arising health and safety concerns relating to members of the public, it is with reluctance that the Link from Broughshane Street into Ballymoney Street is to be closed to vehicular traffic for approx. 2 weeks.  Diversions will be signposted throughout the town.

Broughshane Street Road Closure

Broughshane Street will be closed at its junction with Alexander Street through to Church Street and Ballymoney Street from 7:30am on Sunday 22 April to 7:30am on Saturday 5 May. More information can be found in the Broughshane Street Road Closure Notice at the bottom of the page.


Mid and East Antrim Borough Council: