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Her Majesty the Queen, was a remarkable woman. Her job was well done. My thoughts are too, all the Royal Family. May Her Majesty be at Peace.

Madison McKeown

Thank you for your incredible service to this nation. Your duty has been served, thank you Ma'am

Ryan Crooks

A remarkable and inspirational lady. Thank you for your service to the nation. Rest easy our Queen

Lindsay Gordon

Rest easy Ma'am. Thank you for your service!

June Boyd

A strong and caring Monach the like of which shall not be seen again. May she rest in peace

Kevin Woodin

Deepest condolences to the entire royal family...thank-you our beautiful Queen for your service rest easy with your husband Philip xxx

Mandy graham

Thank you will never be enough, may you rest easy ma’am

Cheryl Kane

To all members of the Royal family, I wish to pass on my condolences. Sad day

David Ewing

Thank you for your service ma'am. You served your country with dignity and compassion for 70 years. Rest in peace xx

Siobhan Shiels

Sure and steadfast

Edward Brownlee

Your dutys done. Go and be with your beloved husband. God bless you x

Denise Cully

The lifelong dedication and sacrifice to the United Kingdom and the commonwealth will never be rivalled, your duty is done and your service will never be forgot by the British people, rest easy ma;am god bless the Queen

David quigley

I wish to express my sincere condolences to the Royal Family on this very sad day for everyone. What a lovely wonderful woman our Queen was, she will be surely sadly missed by all. RIP Our Majesty.

Eric Bracewell Enforcement Officer MEA Larne.

God Bless The Queen. God Save The King

Valerie Rowan

Ma’am , our monarch, our queen. May you rest in peace with your beloved husband, thank you for your service and holding on for my daughter to know such an amazing woman. May your family and the country take comfort in these darkest of days in these words. A pleasure to have followed you my entire life xx

Sarah-Jayne irons

"Thank you Ma'am, for everything,"

Robert & Kerry Kennedy

Given thanks to almighty God for a life of service.

Drew Buchanan MBE

On behalf of all the sisters of Sister Turtle Memorial WLOL14, I would like to pass on my sincere condolences to HRH King Charles 3rd and the whole Royal Family on the passing of Our Queen Elizabeth II, and thank her for you 70 years service to the United Kingdom, The Commonwealth and all people around the world. God Save The King

WM Karen Monaghan

The members of the Inner Wheel Club of Ballymena express their sadness at the death of Her Majesty, The Queen. We give thanks for her life of dedicated service and offer our deepest sympathy to His Majesty, The King and the other members of the Royal Family at this sad time. Patricia Perry, President Inner Wheel Club of Ballymena.

Patricia Perry

I carry your name proudly, Ma’am. I hope it gives me strength, resilience and honour, as you have shown in your reign. May you rest comfortably now and be reunited with your Prince. God Save You, Your Majesty.

Danielle E Thomas

RIP are queen will be sadly missed ��

Jonny dempsey

God bless, sleep tight Lillibet. With all our love ❤️

Rhiannon & Jamie

Rip our beautiful queen ❤️����

Ashleigh simms

GSOQ, thank you for your service. God bless xxxx

Alana Elizabeth Crozier

Thoughts and prayers for all the family. Thank you for your service to our country, sleep easy our amazing queen we will never see another like you.

Constance steele

Deepest condolences to the royal family on this sad loss of your beautiful mother grandmother and are Queen my god hold her tight in his arms xx

Leanne fleck

Rest in Peace Your Majesty. Thank you for everything ❤️

Rachel Mathers

A true ruler. R.I.Pyur majesty.��

Ann Mcdowell

Rest Easy Our Queen, your duty is now complete. Forever in your people’s hearts. Thoughts and prayers to your family

Nicola Kennedy

Year I was born our beloved Queen had her coronation and I am so proud that my mother called me after this gorgeous lady our Queen Elizabeth Young xxxx

Elizabeth young

Now with her husband where she is happiest


Our Queen. Your duties are done. Thank you. Sending heartfelt condolences to the royal family. God save our Queen x

Mollie Galbraith

Should and wonderful lady who contributed so much to her country rite up until the very end. A true lady

Nyreen Thompson

Thoughts and prayers with the Royal family on the loss of our gracious Queen rest easy ma,am your duty is done

David Barr



Rest in peace my queen

Joanne mooney

I wish to express my sincere condolences to all members of the Royal Family on this incredibly sad day. R.I.P

Martin McHugh

What a lady, served us right to the very end! Rest in peace Your Majesty, now you can rest ��

Janine mairs

Condolences to the entire Royal Family on the passing of our wonderful queen. Rest in peace ma’am and thank you for your service to our country

Susan Grierson

Rest easy your Majesty your duty is done, thank you for your service. Xx

Melanie Lennox

Thought and prayers are with King Charles III and all the Royal Family at the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

Sarah Fields

Such sad sad news ��. May our Queen rest easy her work here is done. Never will I get to see a Monach such as our Queen. GOD SAVE OUR QUEEN ����

Hannah Fleming

Rest in peace our beautiful Queen.

Gracie Young Age 8

Thank you for your service, your majesty. May you rest in peace as you reunite with your beloved Philip. Your service is over, and we will be forever grateful.

Sasha Largey

Rest easy ma'am. You served us all proud God bless xx

Paul Mcgall

What a woman u where defo 1 of a kind rip queen Elizabeth ❤️

Kelley mcgregor

My thoughts are with King Charles and the entire family. Never will there be any any one to fill Our Late Queen place. At Home With The Lord

Joan Scott

Your Majesty, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to your lifetime of service and your steadfast commitment to your duty and country. Your death has shocked us all as you were a wonderful constant in our lives. My thoughts and prayers are with your family as they mourn you passing. Your life is one that should be celebrated for all that you accomplished. I pray that you are at peace with the Lord and are reunited with your beloved Philip. God save the Queen x

Helen Mitchell

Our beautiful queen , you have done so much work for our country , can not beleve you have gone , we all new it would be a matter of time as to when you would be joining your beloved Phillip , as I see through some of photoes that you are broken hearted , heaven is wating for our Beautful queen , may you rest in peace our majesty gbnfg god save our Beautful queen fly high Beautful angle

Melissa Mckendry

With deepest sympathy to the royal family

James black

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