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She Donald pride machinery rest in peace Paul stockman
Rest in peace tour Majesty, it was an honour and a pleasure to have served for you. David Anthony
You served your country with dignity, grace and loyalty. We cannot thank you enough for your devotion. My heart aches at your passing. However there is comfort knowing you are with your prince once again. Rest in peace. God save the king Joanne craig
I am deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She served her nation and the Commonwealth tremendously with great leadership, dignity, faith and strength, particularly during times of uncertainty and crisis. Her final duty was done on Tuesday 6th September. Rest easy now Ma'am, your beloved Philip is waiting. �� Julia Jones
I have been fortunate to live my life with Elizabeth as my Queen, Thank you Ma’am, Rest in Peace. James Nixon BYC
She will be sorely missed, a big part of all our lives, a very sad day for all of us. The absolute rock of our country! Heather Haire
Peace perfect peace ❤ Jacqueline Crawford
Thank you Your Majesty for soany years of faithful service. God Sace The King George Peden
You were our Queen , I will never see another Queen in my lifetime , you were respected in life and will be respected and always remembered in death , Long live the King Margaret McNamara
Sadly missed Trevor McKay
Can’t believe we will have to live the rest of our lives without you ( Our Queen ) Jean Hill
My deepest condolences to all the people of Northern Ireland and UK on the death of our beautiful queen,you will be missed,thank you for always being steadfast and always doing your duty �� Lyn Dickson
Duty done. Thank you. Rest in peace Ma’am N McCall
Thank you so much for all your service. Reunited with beloved Philip. Thoughts with all the family Michele Penney
Your service and duty will never be forgotten. Thank you Ma'am, for everything. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family at this difficult time. Ashleigh Perry
The nation will profoundly miss your unwavering service & dignified presence. May God provide strength to The Royal Family during this very difficult & sad time. Rest easy ma’am. Your duty is done. GBNF. GSTQ. Nicky Lee
What an amazing woman you were, you served our country and what a fantastic job you have done! You will be missed by everyone over the world! God rest your wee soul her majesty the Queen. Miranda Davidson
RIP your Majesty Neville Beers
You gave a lifetime of faithful service to a grateful nation and served right until the end. Your loyal subjects in Carrickfergus and further afield could never put into words our appreciation and adoration for our longest ever serving monarch. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Royal Family circle who have lost the head of their family, gone to be with Philip once more. Sleep tight Your Majesty, your duty is done. God Save Our Gracious Queen ❤️���� Officers & Members of the Carrickfergus Defenders Flute Band
Rest in Peace Your Majesty. Thank you for your service Reece Robinson
Rest in peace ma'am ���� Lynn m.
.Rip your majesty Queen Elizabeth Maureen and Billy Varndell
the queen was a beautiful woman. May she rest in peace. Korie
Proud to have served you ma'am for 30 years and will wear your medals with the utmost pride David Mooney
All staff and Sevice Users are saddened to hear of the death of Our Queen Gone but will never be forgotten x Jennifer Gilbert@Newway
What a wonderful Lady , Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth II Charlotte Dunlop
RIP your majesty, it was a pleasure to have served you. Thank you for all you have done over your 96 years for our country. My deepest sympathy to your family at this truly sad time. Sleep easy, back in the arms of your beloved Philip Karen Humphreys
Rest in Peace Your Majesty. Thank you for everything. Rhonda Craig
You were always there in times in need when the nation needed Direction you gave it, you where and always will be the Rock of Modern Britain. May you rest in peace. God save The King. Thomas James Patterson
God bless. May you rest in peace. God save the King. Alyson Kerr
Rest in peace ❤️ Clare
Rest easy your majesty your duty is done god bless thankyou for your service x Jacqueline keatley carrickfergus
It really is an end of an era I will never know another Queen like you in my lifetime.Your strength and courage was so admirable def deserved so much respect! You did your job to your greatest capability and never let us down you will be sorely missed.Go and be with the love of your life this is your time your duty is done.RIP our beautiful Queen xx Sarah and Parker Rainey
Deepest condolences to the entire Royal family may you rest in peace Your Majesty The McNally Family
Rest in peace ur majesty �������� Sharon mcneilly
Sincere condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of a truly wonderful lady. Thank you for a lifetime of service. Rest easy now Ma’am, duty done x Sharon & Graham Dean
Rest easy our Queen your job is done. Be with your soul mate�� god save the Queen Norma allen
God bless your Majesty rest on peace Irene rainey
RIP Your Majesty. Thomas Galloway
Your life and your love will be ever lasting , deepest sympathy �� Jean Rainey
Rip your majesty will miss your Christmas speech your duty is done Zoe
R.I.P Your Majesty. Shane Stables
Rest east you Majesty, your duties are done. Go be with your husband ❤️ Thank you for your service. ������ Chloe Stewart
Rest in eternal peace your majesty. Every promise upheld to the very end, you served us well! GSTQ Laura A
Your duty is done ma’am. It has been an honour to serve you. The nation will never forget. The angels have come and Philip is waiting. God bless our glorious queen Darren kernohan
Rip queen Elizabeth ll you were a great lady with a lovely smile a big heart and you touched everyone’s heart. You will be missed by everyone forever reunited with ur Phillip Lucy
Rest In Peace Ma'am Christine
May you forever be at peace. You served your country proud and for that we are forever grateful. Rest Easy, Ma’am. God Bless The Queen, God Save The King. Andrew
We have lost a wonderful, caring and truly remarkable Queen. There will never be another like her again. Your Majesty we will miss you too much for words. Roy McClintock

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