Borough Growth Committee

The Borough Growth Committee will:

  • Focus on creating the conditions to grow the economy and create jobs;
  • Attract inward investment through an innovative and dynamic approach to economic development and regeneration;
  • Focus on developing strategies around tourism, economy, regeneration and funding, with a strong emphasis on improving economic sustainability of the Borough;
  • Focus on the delivery of the Building Control function and associated services, which includes Regulatory Services for the enforcement of Building Regulations, Dangerous Structures, Property Certificates, energy performance certificates, vacancy property inspection, corporate fire risk assessment, street naming and postal numbering
  • Maximise opportunities to secure funding and programmes across a range of areas, including rural development;
  • Focus on ensuring Mid and East Antrim inform and influence at a regional level, including the new Programme for Government;
  • Build strong and effective integrated partnerships with key partners, including local business community, Executive Departments i.e. Department for the Communities, Department of Infrastructure, Department of the Economy, DEARA, Tourism Ireland, and the wider business sector;
  • Establish a clear and effective Mid and East Antrim brand, which inspires confidence.

The key functions which the Borough Growth Committee will consider are:

  • Economic Development
  • Tourism
  • Urban Regeneration
  • Department for Communities Transferring Functions
  • Town Centre Development
  • Inward investment and funding
  • Rural Development
  • Communications and Branding
  • Marketing and Events
  • Planning Policy
  • Heritage
  • Special projects – Manufacturing Task Force
  • Infrastructure Enabling
  • Building Control
  • Museums, Arts and Culture
  • Capital Programme Delivery

Minutes from each meeting will be available to view online once ratified.

Also listed in the documents below are the elected members' membership of partnerships, boards, working groups and representation on external bodies or groups.


Cllr G McKeen

Vice Chair:

Ald S McDonald


Ald B Ashe MBE
Ald R Cherry MBE
Ald Ms G Mulvenna
Ald Mrs A Wales MBE
Cllr Mrs C Brownlee
Cllr A Clarke
Cllr B Collins
Cllr Mrs J Frew
Cllr I Friary
Cllr T Gaston
Cllr P Johnston
Cllr R Logan
Cllr W McCaughey
Cllr Mrs M Morrow
Cllr T O’Lynn
Cllr E Reid
Cllr R Stewart
Cllr A Wilson