Direct Services Committee

The Direct Services Committee will:

  • Agree and oversee the strategic approach to front-line service delivery;
  • Approve the monthly decisions on all operational matters outside the scheme of delegation;
  • Maintain a knowledge and understanding of all operational matters;
  • Work to share information, knowledge and best practice to ensure continuous improvement and high quality service delivery;
  • Review and monitor operational policies and procedures to ensure delivery in line with Corporate, Community and Business Plans.

The key functions which the Direct Services Committee will consider are:

Community Directorate Operations Directorate
  • Community Planning
  • Good Relations
  • Policing and Community Safety
  • Community Development
  • Community Services
  • Tobacco Control
  • Village Renewal
  • Environmental Health & Regulatory Services
  • Licensing
  • Indoor Leisure
  • Sports Development
  • Registration
  • Corporate Emergency Planning & Community Resilience
  • Animal Welfare
  • Water Quality
  • Stop Smoking Service
  • Biodiversity
  • In Bloom Activities
  • Regulatory Services
  • Principal Parks
  • Parks and Opens Spaces Development
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Countryside Access
  • Community Growing
  • Play
  • Waste Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Street Cleansing
  • Building Maintenance & Minor Works
  • Public Conveniences
  • Environmental Education & Management
  • Harbours & Marinas Operational Issues
  • Parks
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Cemeteries
  • Sports Pitches & MUGAs

Minutes from each meeting will be available to view online once ratified.

Also listed in the documents below are the elected members' membership of partnerships, boards, working groups and representation on external bodies or groups.


Ald N Williams

Vice Chair:

Cllr J McKeown


Ald J Carson
Ald S McDonald
Ald W McNeilly
Ald Ms G Mulvenna
Ald T Nicholl MBE
Cllr Mrs B Adger MBE
Cllr M Armstrong
Cllr Mrs C Brownlee
Cllr M Collins
Cllr D Donnelly
Cllr Mrs J Frew
Cllr L Gray
Cllr J Henry
Cllr C Jamieson
Cllr Mrs M Morrow
Cllr Mrs A Smyth
Cllr R Stewart
Cllr A Wilson