Policy & Resources Committee

The Policy and Resources Committee will:

  • Oversee financial management and reporting, corporate governance and effective use of Council resources. It reviews and monitors Council policies, procedures, Corporate Planning and Business Plans

The key functions which the Policy and Resources Committee will consider are:

  • Council Constitution
  • Scheme of Delegation
  • Standing Orders
  • Organisational Design
  • Policy Development
  • Human Resources, Training and Organisational Development
  • Occupational Health and Wellbeing
  • Communication, PR and Marketing
  • ICT
  • Procurement
  • Rates setting process
  • Revenue and capital spending plans linked to rates setting process
  • Policy and Procedures – Finance, Procurement, ICT, Asset Management, Treasury Management and HR
  • Business case approval and post project appraisal
  • Corporate Governance
  • Property Asset Management
  • Legal issues related to Property Asset Management
  • Significant Service Level Agreements
  • Approval of Council grant schemes and significant funding applications
  • Corporate and Civic Events
  • Elected Member Development Charter
  • Equality, Disability and Rural Needs Act
  • Information Governance

Minutes from each meeting will be available to view online once ratified.

Also listed in the documents below are the elected members' membership of partnerships, boards, working groups and representation on external bodies or groups.


Cllr T O’Lynn

Vice Chair:

Cllr D Donnelly


  • Ald B Ashe MBE
  • Ald J Carson
  • Ald R Cherry MBE
  • Ald W McNeilly
  • Ald T Nicholl MBE
  • Cllr Mrs B Adger MBE
  • Cllr M Armstrong
  • Cllr M Collins
  • Cllr L Gray
  • Cllr J Henry
  • Cllr C Jamieson
  • Cllr W McCaughey
  • Cllr J McDermott
  • Cllr J McKeown
  • Cllr R Quigley
  • Cllr E Reid