Performance Improvement Plan 2019 - 2020

Performance Improvement Objectives 2020/21 Consultation

Each year we are required to develop a Performance Improvement Plan to show our commitment to continuously improving service delivery. We would like to hear your thoughts on our proposed Performance Improvement Objectives for 2020/21.

Performance Improvement Objectives 2020/21 - Consultation Document

Consultation Survey

Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to complete the survey on our draft Performance Improvement Plan for 2020/21. We really appreciate the views of Our MEA stakeholders and the consultation will be open for another few weeks. At the end of the consultation period, we will review the proposed improvement objectives in light of your feedback and we will also take the impact of COVID-19 into account. The effects of the pandemic may lead to a shift in Council’s priorities for service delivery during 2020/21 and it is likely that we will need to revise our Performance Improvement Plan as a result.

Should you require any further information or hard copies of the survey or the draft Plan please contact:

T: 028 2563 3368