FOI Log - December 2021

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FOI Reference


FOI3012122 Lifestyle Improvement Services
FOI3022122  Floral Displays
FOI3032122  Housing
FOI3042122  Housing Waiting List
FOI3052122  Enforcement Action T Met
FOI3062122  Brands of car subject to fines
FOI3072122  CCTV Camera Types
FOI3082122  Damage to Billingual signs
FOI3092122  Conversion of properties to residential
FOI3102122  Utility Providers
FOI3112122 LA0120190890 Environmental Information
FOI3122122  Vacant Residential Property Rates 
FOI3132122  Household Support Fund
FOI3142122  Adult Social Care
FOI3152122  Abandoned Vehicles Statistics
FOI3152122  Abandoned Vehicles
FOI3162122  Children's Services
FOI3172122  ARC21 Communications Spending
FOI3182122  Fees for filming
FOI3192122  Materials Batch 1
FOI3192122  Materials Batch 2
FOI3192122  Materials Batch 3
FOI3192122  Materials Batch 4
FOI3192122  Materials Batch 5
FOI3192122  Media Queries List
FOI3192122  Media requests
FOI3202122  Facial Recognition Cameras
FOI3212122  Contract Terms and Invoice Payment Reporting
FOI3212122   M&EA Terms and Conditions
FOI3222122  Herbicides
FOI3222122  MEA Herbicide Policy
FOI3232122  Illegal Dumping
FOI3242122  Capital Plan Finance Manager v3 final draft
FOI3242122  M J Kane & Son Accountants Revised Response
FOI3242122  M J Kane Invoices
FOI3252122  CEx Register of Interests 2019
FOI3252122  CEx Register of Interests 2020
FOI3252122 CEx Register of Interests 2021
FOI3252122  Chief Executive Register of Interests
FOI3262122  Cultural Celebrations Working Group and Bonfire Stakeholder Correspondence
FOI3272122  Carrickfergus Planning Hazards
FOI3282122  Anti Social Behaviour
FOI3292122  Covid Regulation Enforcement
FOI3302122  Garden Escapes Offer Letter
FOI3302122  Garden Escapes Tender
FOI3302122  Playground Upgrade Prog Tender Report 02.12.2020_Redacted
FOI3302122  MEABC Playgrounds Evaluation Spreadsheet FINAL VERSION_Redacted
FOI3302122 Play Value Assessment 301120
FOI3312122  Reablement Care Services
FOI3322122  Bonfire Risk Assessments and Liability
FOI3322122  Event Assessment Procedure
FOI3322122  Events Pricing Policy_Redacted
FOI3322122  MEA_Event_Application_for_Parks update Aug 20
FOI3332122  2011 Carrickfergus Bonfire Investigation
FOI3342122  CCTV Cameras
FOI3352122  Council Buildings and Land sold
FOI3352122  Details of Council Land and Property Sold
FOI3362122  Covid Enforcement Officers

To enquire about one of these FOIs quote the reference number shown in this log.

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