FOI Log - November 2021

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FOI Reference


FOI2762122  Advertising spend (Withdrawn and resubmitted as FOI2782122)
FOI2772122  Consultants spend (Withdrawn)
FOI2782122  External Advertising Costs
FOI2782122  Requested Material
FOI2792122  Houses in Multiple Occupation
FOI2802122  City Deal Lanyon Communications DAC
FOI2802122 T252 - Award Letter
FOI2802122  T252 - Request to Tender
FOI2802122  T252 - Tender Specification
FOI2802122  T359 - Award Letter
FOI2802122  T359 - Completed Evaluation Sheets
FOI2802122  T359 - Tender Specification
FOI2802122  Lanyon Communications
FOI2812122  Christmas Market Parking
FOI2822122  T252 - Award Letter
FOI2822122  T252 - Completed Evaluation Sheets
FOI2822122   T252 - Request to Tender
FOI2822122  T252 - Tender Specification
FOI2822122  Communications consultant information
FOI2832122  ML Associates (Re-registered as FOI2882122)
FOI2842122  Council Retention  Disposal Schedule
FOI2842122  Enforcement action correspondance
FOI2842122  Letters
FOI2842122  Original Complaint
FOI2842122  Planning Portal
FOI2842122  Retention Schedule Approval
FOI2842122  Site Visit
FOI2852122  Glynn and Craigyhill bonfires
FOI2862122  Firewalls Anti-Virus Software and MS Enterprise
FOI2872122  Telephone Messages and Hold Music
FOI2882122   Consultancy correspondence
FOI2892122  Council owned vehicles list
FOI2892122  Council owned vehicles
FOI2902122  Kerbside Waste
FOI2912122  FOI2912122 
FOI2922122  Dangerous dogs (request withdrawn)
FOI2932122  Social workers in organisation
FOI294  Net Zero Vehicle Transition
FOI2942122  Vehicle Fleet Data Sheet
FOI2952122  Vehicle Fleet Data Sheet
FOI2952122  Electronic Vehicle charging points
FOI2962122  Billy Ashe Expenses Presiding Councillor
FOI2962122 Lindsay Millar Expenses
FOI2962122  Mayoral Expenses
FOI2972122  Business Rates
FOI2982122  Overtime Payments
FOI2992122  Nursing home information
FOI3002122 Afghanistan resettlement programme

To enquire about one of these FOIs quote the reference number shown in this log.

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