FOI Log - October 2021

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FOI Reference


FOI2482122  Child Trafficking
FOI2492122  Craigyhill Bonfire
FOI2502122  Young People Mental Health
FOI2512122  Food Hygiene
FOI2522122  School Uniform Grants
FOI2532122  Finance Software
FOI2532122  Techone Details
FOI2542122  Potholes
FOI2552122  Vacant Commercial Properties
FOI2562122  ICT Systems Acceptable Use v 2.0 June 2017
FOI2562122  IT Assets
FOI2562122  Laptop Security v 2.0 June 2017
FOI2572122  Allotments
FOI2582122  Fixed Play Park Investment Framework
FOI2582122  Play Area Upgrades
FOI2592122  Deaf Support
FOI2602122  Pothole Compensation
FOI2612122  MEA Procurement Policy
FOI2612122  Requested Materials
FOI2612122  Supplier Payments and Procurement
FOI2622122  Raising Concerns Policy
FOI2622122  Whistleblowing
FOI2632122  WISE Contract
FOI2632122  WISE Figures and Information
FOI2652122  No Next Of Kin Deaths
FOI2662122  Jointure Bay
FOI2662122  Materials Requested
FOI2672122  Direct Award Contracts
FOI2672122  Requested Material 1
FOI2672122  Requested Material 2
FOI2682122  Taxi Licensing
FOI2692122  Council Leadership Details
FOI2702122  Political and Paramilitary Tributes
FOI2712122  Audrey Wales Expenses
FOI2712122  Billy Ashe Expenses
FOI2712122  MEA Mayor Expenses
FOI2712122  Paul Reid Expenses
FOI2712122  Peter Johnston Expenses
FOI2722122  Anne Donaghy Expenses List
FOI2722122  Anne Donaghy Expenses
FOI2732122  Rufugee and Asylum Seeker support
FOI2742122  Islandmagee Enforcement Investigation Report
FOI2742122  Islandmagee Enforcement Investigation
FOI2752122  Social Workers

To enquire about one of these FOIs quote the reference number shown in this log.

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