FOI Log - September 2021

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FOI2082122  Potholes
FOI2092122  Ransomware
FOI2102122  Green Island Belfast Lough HRA August 2021
FOI2102122  HRA Jointure Bay
FOI2112122  External Suppliers Payments
FOI2122122  Union Connectivity Review Group
FOI2132122  Handling of FOI requests
FOI2142122  Applicant Tracking Systems
FOI2152122  Stray Dogs
FOI2162122  Dog Incident
FOI2172122  Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
FOI2172122  Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
FOI2172122  Grievance Procedure
FOI2182122  Council Vehicles and Waste
FOI2182122  Council Vehicles and Waste
FOI2192122  Mo Farah and Civic Art
FOI2202122  FM-FGM and Honor Based Abuse
FOI2212122  Union Connectivity Video
FOI2222122  Waste Disposal
FOI2232122  Educational Establishments
FOI2242122  Care Packages
FOI2252122  Electric Vehicle Charging Points
FOI2262122  Council Leisure Facilities
FOI2262122  Leisure Capital Expenditure
FOI2272122  Home Office Request
FOI2282122  Sunday Trading Hours
FOI2292122  Catering and Laundry Contracts
FOI2302122  Public Interest Test
FOI2302122  WISE Contract
FOI2312122  Additional Restrictions Grant
FOI2322122  Mark Little Associates Consultancy
FOI2322122  Requested Correspondence
FOI2332122  Potholes
FOI2342122  Climate Change Steps
FOI2352122  Business Council Tax Credits
FOI2362122  Business Rate Credits Voyage Care Ltd
FOI2372122  IT Contacts
FOI2372122  IT Management Contacts
FOI2382122  IT Platforms
FOI2392122  WISE Fixed Penalty Notices
FOI2402122  Off Lead Dog Areas
FOI2412122  Glynn and Craigyhill Bonfires
FOI2422122  Looked After Children
FOI2432122  Christmas Recycling Messages - general
FOI2432122  Christmas recycling
FOI2442122  Dojo Community Grants
FOI2442122  Grants To The Dojo Community Martial Arts Centre  The Ballymena Ju-Jitsu Club The Dojo Juniors
FOI2452122  Allotment Plots
FOI2462122  LCNF Meeting February 2021
FOI2472122  Domestic Pet Facilities

To enquire about one of these FOIs quote the reference number shown in this log.

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