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Bryson Recycling FAQs

Bryson Recycling FAQs

Why can I not put out my boxes the way I normally do?

As a result of COVID-19 we are introducing temporary collection measures in order to reduce the hand sorting of materials by staff.

I only have 1 red box, how can I separate my recycling?

If you only have one box you will need to rotate the materials you present each week, for example put out paper and cardboard one week, glass the next and plastics, cans, foil, cartons and aerosols the next.

Do I have to use the correct colour box for each recycling type?

While the temporary measures are in place it doesn’t matter what colour of box you put your recyclables in.

The leaflet shows black boxes. I have a mixture of red and black; can I use them?

Yes, you can use any colour of box as long as the materials are sorted in the right way.

Is this going to be the new way we recycle or is it during Cov-19 only?

These are only temporary measures during Covid-19, and the service will go back to normal once the pandemic is over.

Can I still put clear bags of waste out with my boxes?

Yes, overflow bags will be accepted from Monday 28 June 2021. Ensure only one material type in each bag. Glass will not be accepted in overflow bags. Textile will now also be collected in an overflow bag.

I have clear plastic storage boxes, can they be used to put recycling in as long as I separate the types?

No, we can only collect materials in our kerbside boxes as they are specifically designed to clip on to the side of our collection vehicles.

What happens if I put the wrong items into my boxes for collection?

If materials are not sorted properly they will not be emptied, and we will leave a slip asking you to resort it before your next collection.

Should I clean my boxes before/ after use?

Always disinfect the handles/rim of your boxes before and after use.