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Renewing Licences

Renewing Licences

Renewing Licences - COVID-19 Update

The Council is still issuing reminders for licences such as Entertainment Licences as they fall due for renewal and while it may not be possible to complete the renewal process at the current time we would still encourage businesses to apply to renew their licences so they remain valid.

We appreciate many businesses are now closed as per the guidance provided by the Government. However, we would want to ensure that business have in place all the required licences for when they are permitted to reopen.

Any businesses that are still permitted to remain open at this time MUST follow the current government advice on social distancing for both staff and customers.

To make this process as simple as possible we will only require businesses to return the application form. If you wish to make a payment by cheque to cover the annual fee then please do so and post this to Licensing Team, Smiley Buildings, Victoria Road, Larne, BT40 1RU.

Given the current circumstances, it will be possible to defer payment of the fee for 3 months.  Any other documents or public adverts required will be followed up as appropriate in time.

The Council will accept the renewal applications by email to or as normal by post to Licensing Team, Smiley Buildings Victoria Road Larne.

The Council will keep this procedure under review and provide any updates here. Any queries about renewing licences can also be sent to the licensing email address given above.