Mid and East Antrim Borough Council opens doors to community group

Wednesday 6 September 2017

​​The Carson Project in Ballymena got a taste of political life at the recent monthly meeting of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council.

The Mayor hosted a reception for the group before full Council met on Monday night to showcase the inner workings of local government and to explore how local council business is conducted.

The Carson Project is a charity formed in 2009 to engage people who face difficult issues in employment, education and training activities so they can re-take control of their lives.

 Mayor Cllr Paul Reid said, “It’s great to meet local individuals and nurture that interest in local government. Council’s across Northern Ireland deliver over £1billion of front line services and it’s important to show our citizens how local government works to deliver those.

“Mid and East Antrim Borough Council is focused on developing effective leadership and investing in training, further and higher education and peer support. We have a lot of exciting plans for the Borough including the roll out of our Community Plan, so it was a great opportunity to share some of the hard work being done to improve the lives of our citizens.”

Jim McIlroy, Carson Project Development Worker said “It was great to have the opportunity to show our members the workings behind local government. We hope that this will encourage our members that they have a say in the world they live in and how their voice matters.

“We would like to thank the Mayor, Cllr Paul Reid for welcoming us to his chamber and Mid and East Antrim Borough Council to observe. It was a great experience to see first-hand how decisions are made that affect all of us.”