Commemorative Bench Programme

Commemorative Bench and Tree Programme

The Memorial Tree & Bench Commemorative Programme is a means by which members of the public and organisations can recognise and honour others through a lasting tribute.

A Lasting Tribute

This is done by purchasing a bench or tree dedicated to that special person, which is then installed and maintained within a local park or cemetery. To apply or for more information on the Commemorative Programme download the leaflet below or pick up a leaflet at any council facilities.

Please direct all enquiries regarding commemorative trees, benches and plaques to our Parks & Open Spaces team on T: 028 9335 8273 or by email at

Terms & Conditions

1. Applications for the supply and installation of commemorative benches or trees will only be approved after a suitable available site has been agreed between Mid and East Antrim Borough Council and the named applicant.

2. Whilst the cost and installation of the bench or tree shall be the responsibility of the applicant, we agree to fund the maintenance of the bench or tree, unless it becomes, in our view, damaged beyond economic repair. If a bench or tree is in such a state of disrepair that it cannot be restored for safe use, we will remove the bench or tree and shall not be obliged to fund a replacement.

3. We accept no responsibility for the theft of any bench or tree save that we will report any incident or theft to the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

4. The bench or tree will be placed in a Mid and East Antrim Borough Council owned park, open space or cemetery. No other adornment (flowers, sculptures, etc.) will be allowed to be placed with the bench or tree. Any adornment will be promptly removed and disposed of by the Council.

5. We reserve the right to use our discretion to refuse any application.

6. All proposed inscriptions for commemorative plaques and any subsequent changes must be approved by us. The wording of inscriptions is subject to our legal obligations with regards to the promotion of equality and good relations.  Any inscription containing wording which we deem to be offensive or inappropriate will not be considered for approval.