Putting People First

Building our Evidence Base

Photograph of participants at a Task and Finish workshop

Council organised a strategic conference entitled “Putting People First: Community Planning in Mid and East Antrim,” at the Braid Arts Centre, with over 100 people in attendance representing community and statutory stakeholders.

The Baseline Report for the Borough is available for download.

This report will inform the development of the first Community Plan for the Council. It describes the Borough in terms of its geography, its people, the health and social factors affecting its people, the local economy, education and crime in the area. The draft report is structured so that key findings for each District Electoral Area and/or ward are presented under each of the 6 Community Planning themes, namely:

  • Safety and Good Relations;
  • Health, Leisure & Wellbeing;
  • Education;
  • Community and Social Regeneration; and
  • Environment and Spatial Planning.

A copy of the conference report is available to download below: