Past Events

Exploring Our Spaces

Exploring Our Spaces is an established Good Relations project in Mid and East Antrim.  It aims to increase the use of shared spaces and increase in the percentage of participants who feel comfortable socialising in shared spaces they would not traditionally visit.

Due to Covid-19, in 2020-21 the project took the form of a film project.

This year the Council tendered and appointed Grafters Media to make 3 short 15 minute films about each of the venues involved; Drumalis, Andrew Jackson Cottage and Portglenone Monastery.

Local historian David Hume has provided a short history of Drumalis and the Andrew Jackson Centre, and Damien Clarke tells us about Portglenone Monastery. 

The film project is an excellent resource which we can be used online, in local schools and in the wider community.

Andrew Jackson Centre, Carrickfergus

Local historian David Hume describes the background of President Andrew Jackson, the Donaldson’s and the Ulster Scots history behind the Andrew Jackson Centre.  He links this with the  military tradition of the US Rangers Museum which tells an amazing story from the Second World War.


Drumalis, Larne

Local historian David Hume steps through the gates of Drumalis House and prepares to travel through time.  He describes how the house was built by Sir Hugh Smiley in 1872 and it speaks to a wealth of history attached to the people who lived in it and the events which happened around it.


Portglenone Monastery, Ballymena

Local historian Damien Clarke describes the history of the Cistercians in Portglenone and how Portglenone is inextricably linked to the River Bann. Damien also makes reference to Father Charles from the Monastery by giving a background to the Abbey and also its links with Uganda.