Grants and Funding

AED / Defibrillator

Please note: This scheme is now closed.

Council has approved measures to increase the number of AEDs throughout the Borough, including supporting the purchase of AEDs in a number of areas. 

In order to ensure groups are not penalised in their normal two grant applications, Council permits an additional application only for the purpose of purchasing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to be applied for under the Council's Equipment Grant, i.e. up to a maximum of £1,200.

Please note: This scheme is now closed.

Council will not be responsible for funding the costs associated with maintenance of the AED nor for the replacement of expired batteries, electrode pads and other consumable items (such as razors, gloves, scissors, facemask and paper towels).

Useful information is contained on the British Heart Foundation's webpages for the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) which will also advice on Buying Tips, training and weekly checks required.

If successful, it will be a condition of the Letter of Offer that the acquired AED is registered with The Circuit (The National Defibrillator Network). Evidence of this will be required as part of the vouching process

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Governance Standards

Council would remind you of the requirements to maintain appropriate governance in undertaking all council funded activities:

  • In relation to any scheme that has been established to assist vulnerable people within the Mid and East Antrim Borough, the applicant group must ensure that the benefits of the funding remain and take place within the Borough only.
  • Any groups undertaking projects that involve the making and distributing of PPE or food should ensure that the relevant legal guidelines are adhered to and appropriate safety information, including warnings, are provided with the product.
  • As part of the conditions of the Letter of Offer accepted by the signee on behalf of the awarded group, you are required to keep all receipts and invoices relating to the project and ensure that the expenditure is visible on the group’s bank statement. This information will be requested at a future date as part of the monitoring and evaluation stage of the grants process.
  • As stated in the Letter of Offer, all invoices must be made out to the applicant group named on the application form and Letter of Offer and that all expenditure must be clearly visible on the same group’s bank statement.
  • Where possible the standard of the invoices should be of those set out as per the MEA Grants Invoice Standards document.
  • Any cash purchases made by group members should be documented and evidence of reimbursement by the group to the member should be visible on the group bank statement.
  • As declared in the application form, at no point should any member of the applicant group have any interest/financial benefit from the funded project.
  • It should be noted that if not all of the funding awarded by Council can be vouched or if an underspend on the project occurs, Council will clawback this money through the appropriate methods.

Invoice Standards

Please note that grant payments will only be processed whereby bonafide paid invoices have been submitted with a claim.

Invoices should include the following information:

  • Name, address and telephone number of the company the invoice is from.
  • VAT registration number (if applicable).
  • Invoice Date.
  • Invoice Number.
  • Name and address of the person being billed.
  • Description or Reason for Invoice (including dates of events, etc.)
  • The Amount.
  • An Order Number (if applicable).
  • Information on how to make payment.
  • Invoices from individuals should be signed by that individual.
  • Authorisation for payment by a member of your organisation. 



Applications will be accepted for up to two grants per financial year (one for individuals) providing they are distinctive and applied for under a different category.

Successful applicants of the Community Festivals Fund will not be permitted to apply for additional funding under this scheme for that particular project. However, these groups may apply for funding for a different activity that qualifies in one of the listed categories of this scheme.

Groups in receipt of funding from other sections of Council are ineligible to apply for additional funding for that project under this scheme. However, these groups may apply for funding for a different activity that qualifies in one of the listed categories of this scheme.

A community organisation is defined as a group constituted to undertake specific duties and responsibilities as confirmed in their constitution for no private or commercial gain. There are a number of ways in which to constitute a community group and this can include groups that have a memorandum and articles of association as long as any profits are reinvested and not for private gain. This includes faith based groups and single identity organisations undertaking community activities.


Applications will only be approved for funding if there is evidence that the applicant demonstrates a clearly defined need for the project and for Council funding.

Any assistance offered by Council must only be used for the purpose stated on the application. If not, Council has the right to ask you to repay the grant. You may be asked to repay any grant if there is a failure to deliver the activity for which funds are allocated.

Retrospective activities will not be considered i.e. those activities that have taken place before Council has received or considered the application.

Award of grants will be strictly limited to a maximum of the sum offered by the Council. No supplementary grant will be allowed.

Group applicants must have a bank/building society account and must declare details of their account/s to the Council. Groups will be required to provide evidence of their financial position with their application.

It is the Group’s responsibility to ensure that any individuals or organisations it engages prior, during or post project/event activity, are adequately insured. The Group must be completely satisfied that all insurance documents are up to date and adequate liability cover is in place for the duration of the project/event. Evidence of this will be required.

The Council can choose to interview a representative of the group or organisation making the funding application, and we can deal directly with the applicant’s parent organisation or governing body (as applicable).

Previous funding does not guarantee further funding.

If the activity involves publicity Council funding should be acknowledged in all publicity material relating to the event through display of the Council logo, which will be forwarded with any relevant letter of offer.

The Council will only accept applications via official application forms/online application process.


Central government financial directions require Council to obtain from award applicants whatever information may be necessary to safeguard Council funds, and to carry out random validation checks. Proper records should, therefore, be maintained and correct details given. Records should be made available to the Council subject to reasonable notice being given.

Any misleading statements (whether deliberate or accidental) given at any stage during the application process will render the application invalid, and you will be liable to return any money already paid out as an award.

All cases of suspected fraud involving Council funds will be reported to the police.

Information on applications is stored on computer and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Government bodies/agencies that disseminate funds share information stored on a computer database to enable them to prevent fraudulent applications and to co-ordinate processing of complementary applications.

Any inappropriate approach, be it direct or indirect by an applicant, its officers, servants, contractors, personal or professional representatives or advisors made to members of the Council, its Committee or officers which, in the view of the Council or their advisors, constitutes an attempt in any way to influence the outcome of an application will, at the absolute discretion of the Council, render the application ineligible for further consideration.


It will be a condition of the application to Council that the applicant has read, understood and accepted the following:

Council’s policies on funding are subject to change from time to time, including variations required t comply with government directions on the distribution of Council funds. The Council reserves the right to amend, supplement and/or discontinue at its absolute discretion, for whatever reason, any or all of the policies, criteria and application procedures set out in its publications.

All applications are made entirely at the applicant’s sole risk and Council shall not be liable to any applicant or any other party in respect of loss, damage or costs of any nature arising directly or indirectly from:

  • the application or the subject matter of the application or any part thereof and/or;
  • the rejection for any reason of any application or any matter arising there from and/or;
  • any delay in processing any application however arising.

All decisions as to the acceptance or rejection of applications are at Council’s sole discretion. Council has used its best endeavours to provide clear and helpful guidance for potential applicants to the fund. Council, its servants and agents shall not, however, at any time in any circumstances be held responsible or liable in relation to any matter whatsoever or howsoever arising in connection with the development, planning, construction, operation, management and/or administration of individual projects.