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Covid-19 Community Recovery Scheme

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On Friday 29 January 2021 Council will open the Covid-19 Community Recovery Scheme Call 2 for applications up to £1000 funded at 100%.

In addition to the previous Covid-19 Community Support Scheme which was opened to organisations in April 2020, and the Covid-19 Community Recovery Scheme (Call 1) communities across Mid and East Antrim will now be able to access further critical financial support during the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic situation.

The scheme will be available to all constituted groups across the borough, and is in addition to the usual two grants per annum available to community groups along with the previous Covid-19 Grant Schemes.

The scheme will help community groups in the borough to deliver to their own areas.  Groups will be asked to work in partnership where possible, to ensure a fair and equitable geographical reach and to avoid duplication of effort.

The vital funding package, is among a raft of practical, immediate measures being undertaken by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council as they continue to provide emergency and frontline services to its people, has been set up in response to local needs.


  • Groups who are currently in arrears to any Council Grants Support Scheme
  • Groups with a live Covid-19 Community Support Scheme application
  • Groups who have applied to the Covid-19 Business Revitalisation Scheme

Applicants must adhere to the Governance Standards document and Invoice standards documents available at the bottom of this page.

How to apply

Before completing an application, applicants should make sure that they are eligible to apply and have read the guidance notes in full.

Applications are made online:

Apply for funding

Further Information on the grant process is available by contacting the Grants Office at:

T: 028 2563 3148
T: 028 9335 8240


Governance Standards

Council would remind you of the requirements to maintain appropriate governance in undertaking all council funded activities:

  • All activities for which funding is provided must be planned and undertaken in compliance with the Government’s social distancing guidance, to protect everyone from the risk of infection. Visit the PHA COVID-19 Advice page.
  • In relation to any scheme that has been established to assist vulnerable people within the Mid and East Antrim Borough, the applicant group must ensure that the benefits of the funding remain and take place within the Borough only. This includes the distribution of items such as food, household items and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).
  • Any groups undertaking projects that involve the making and distributing of PPE or food should ensure that the relevant legal guidelines are adhered to and appropriate safety information, including warnings, are provided with the product.
  • As part of the conditions of the Letter of Offer accepted by the signee on behalf of the awarded group, you are required to keep all receipts and invoices relating to the project and ensure that the expenditure is visible on the group’s bank statement. This information will be requested at a future date as part of the monitoring and evaluation stage of the grants process.
  • As stated in the Letter of Offer, all invoices must be made out to the applicant group named on the application form and Letter of Offer and that all expenditure must be clearly visible on the same group’s bank statement.
  • Where possible the standard of the invoices should be of those set out as per the MEA Grants Invoice Standards document.
  • Any cash purchases made by group members should be documented and evidence of reimbursement by the group to the member should be visible on the group bank statement.
  • As declared in the application form, at no point should any member of the applicant group have any interest/financial benefit from the funded project.
  • It should be noted that if not all of the funding awarded by Council can be vouched or if an underspend on the project occurs, Council will clawback this money through the appropriate methods.

Invoice Standards

Please note that grant payments will only be processed whereby bonafied paid invoices have been submitted with a claim.

Invoices should include the following information:

  • Name, address and telephone number of the company the invoice is from.
  • VAT registration number (if applicable).
  • Invoice Date.
  • Invoice Number.
  • Name and address of the person being billed.
  • Description or Reason for Invoice (including dates of events, etc.)
  • The Amount.
  • An Order Number (if applicable).
  • Information on how to make payment.
  • Invoices from individuals should be signed by that individual.
  • Authorisation for payment by a member of your organisation.