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Blackhead Path

Subsidence forces Council to close section of Blackhead Path to ensure safety

Update 15 October 2018

The first stage of procuring a contractor for Blackhead Path is underway.

The pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) has been issued and a shortlist will be drawn up from successful applicants to tender for stage two. The PQQ stage closes on 9 November 2018 and it can be viewed on our Tenders page.

Update 14 September 2018

Video presentation from the public meeting on Blackhead Path

Update: 17 August 2018

Latest update from the structural engineer's report:

Extract from structural engineer's report on Blackhead Path

Update - 16 August 2018

Press Release issued: Council warning walkers not to ignore Blackhead Path signs

Damage to the Blackhead Path walkway

Update - 9 August 2018

Public Meeting

Thursday 23 August 2018 at 7.30pm in Whitehead Methodist Church Hall (on the corner of Balmoral Avenue and Edward Road).

The Director of Operations and council officers will be there to update on the progress to date.

Update - 6 August 2018

A section of Blackhead Path has been closed from Whitehead Car Park to the Old Castle Road. This is due to serious safety concerns caused by subsidence. Experts have advised council that further subsidence has been identified along the path, and left us with no choice other than to prevent access to that part of the route until further notice. The additional damage may have been caused by extreme weather which hit Northern Ireland last weekend – resulting in a month of rainfall landing in the space of several hours on Saturday. The path has moved 30cms in the last year and, more significantly, 17cms in the last month. Large cracks along the path wall have also been identified, indicating likely structural failure of the concrete wall and possible collapse.

The path was previously closed to vehicles and the latest move is to safeguard pedestrians. Substantial funding has already been set aside by council for major investment works at Blackhead Path. Council is currently engaged with a project team to design and oversee those remedial works and the repairs began earlier this year, with plans to resolve the issue being put together over the coming months.