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Larne Cemetery Consultation

A colour map with the location and proposed layout of the new Larne Cemetery.

Thank you for your interest in this pre-application, public consultation process for the provision of a new municipal cemetery on the Old Glenarm Road, Larne.

The purpose of this consultation is to hear the views of the local people on this proposal and to help us shape the eventual plans that will be submitted as part of our planning application.

The public consultation period begins on 25 February 2021 and will close on 17 May 2021.

To view the map in detail you can click on the image above or download the map using the link at bottom of this page.

Register for the public webinar at 6.30pm on 25 March 2021

Why do we need a new cemetery site?

We currently have one operational cemetery within the Larne settlement area at Greenland, Upper Cairncastle Road. We need to forward-plan for burial space to ensure there is sufficient local provision in the future for people to bury their loved ones. The current cemetery cannot be extended any further and will be nearing full capacity within the next few years. Therefore, as an essential component of community infrastructure, it is imperative that a new cemetery site is established within the Larne area in the near future.

For more than a decade the Council has carried out extensive research to develop a new cemetery.  This included assessment of land adjoining the current Greenland cemetery as well as sites near Kilwaughter, Brustin Brae, Drumalis and Antiville.  However, following detailed investigation of each site, including their ground conditions, these sites were found to be unsuitable.

The new cemetery

With a capacity for approximately 4,700 burial plots the new cemetery on the Old Glenarm Road is intended to meet the strategic needs of the Council for the foreseeable future.

The site totals 6.17 hectares and the development consists of the following: new burial plots; memorial garden; staff facilities building including public toilets; maintenance/operations/storage building and service yard; new right-hand turning lane access from Old Glenarm Road; and associated landscaping. Proposal includes parking throughout the site to ensure suitable accessibility for all users. An indicative layout of the proposed cemetery is provided below. 

In the interests of safeguarding visual amenity and wildlife, existing trees and hedgerows will be retained where possible and replaced where they are unavoidably removed. The scheme design includes proposals for a memorial garden with views over the countryside and dedicated areas for memorial tree planting for use by all of the community.

Public webinar - 25 March 2021

Due to Covid-related restrictions, Council invites comments from the general public on this proposed development via a webinar event to take place at 6.30pm on the 25 March 2021.  Persons wishing to participate in this online event should register their interest at the link below. Please note that people who do not wish to register to participate can still attend and observe the webinar via this webpage.

Register for the public webinar

Any person wishing to make a comment relating to the proposal at this pre-application community consultation stage can do so via online submissions during and after the webinar event or via the email address below. 

The information on this webpage relates to the requirement for a 3 month pre-application community consultation period prior to submitting a major planning application to develop this cemetery, as per the provisions of the Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011.  Representations should not therefore be made directly to the Planning Service within the Council at this stage.  When a planning application is formally submitted to the Planning Service following the pre-application community consultation period you will have the opportunity to make representations regarding the proposed development at that time.

Alternatively, a written submission can be forwarded by post, clearly marked “New Municipal Cemetery, Old Glenarm Road, Larne” to

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council
The Braid
1-29 Bridge Street
BT43 5EJ

The deadline for submissions is 4pm, 17 May 2021.

Queries or any further feedback during the consultation period can be submitted to: