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Inclusive Bike Hire

Inclusive bike on road

We are delighted to re-launch the Inclusive Cycle Scheme at Shaftesbury Park, Carrickfergus on Wednesday 9 June.

See below list of bikes available for hire

(Bikes must be pre-booked in advance)

Participants must complete an Inclusive Bike Hire Form, MEActive Participant Consent Form and undertake an induction with a member of Council staff before they can hire bikes.

Please note all bookings will take place within current Covid guidelines and all bikes will be sanitised before and after each hire.

Bike Hire Form 

Consent Form 


For more information or to book contact:

E: inclusivebikehire@midandeastantrim.gov.uk

Dates of hire: 4-6pm each Wednesday from 9 June until 25 August​.

Please familiarise yourself with the information for the cycle you intend to use, primarily for your safety and in order to get maximum enjoyment from the experience. If in any doubt or you are using the equipment for the first time, ask a member of staff for assistance.  

‘How To’ videos for adjusting each of the cycles can be found on the Disability Sport NI YouTube channel.


Bike Types

Type of bike


Hand Cycle

Hand cycle



  • Shaftsbury Park - 1 Adult 1 Junior


  • Participants who have a lower limb injury or physical disability
  • Participants who can use their upper body to propel the cycle

Key safety messages:

  • Ensure Safety Flag is in place in the slot behind the seat.
  • The main hazard around the handcycle is the high position of the chain and chainrings.  Be careful with loose clothing such as scarves/ties etc.
  • Apply parking brake for transfer on/off the cycle
  • Brake by pulling hand pedals back towards you
  • Seat position can be adjusted
  • Stability is key when using this bike – any three-wheeler, if used recklessly, can tip – be careful turning corners at speed.


Junior Trikes


  • Shaftesbury - 1 Adult 1 Junior


  • Participants who have a physical, sensory or learning disability
  • Participants who have poor balance and coordination
  • Participants who need assistance with steering and/or braking

Key safety messages:

  • Stability is key when using this bike – any three-wheelers, if used recklessly, can tip – be careful turning corners etc!
  • The trikes are equipped with a parking brake lever which should be applied when getting on and off, particularly on a gradient
  • A carer or assistant can also steer the bike from behind using the ‘Carer control lever’ that is shown on the picture; this can also be used for braking.
  • Do not apply excessive downward pressure on the carer control lever.