Carrickfergus Marina

Environmental Awareness

Belfast Lough is a designated Area of Special Scientific Interest and our aim at Carrickfergus Marina & Harbour is to protect and improve the environment by integrating it with policies within our business.  These notes are designed to raise awareness of environmental issues and to inform how our initiatives help reduce the impact on our environment.  

We urge you to care for your environment too.

Notes on Environmental Awareness

1.   Environmental Awareness - Points of Interest

  • Carriage and Storage of Fuel
    The fuelling of craft within a marina or harbour can be a potentially dangerous activity.  It is essential that the following guidelines are used for the carriage and storage of fuel.
  • All diesel fuelling must take pace at the designated fuel berth in the harbour.
  • Only British Standard containers can be used for the carriage and storage of petrol.
  • Maximum capacity for approved plastic containers is 5 litres.
  • Maximum capacity for approved metal containers is 2 gallons.
  • Fuel Black Water Spillages
    One of the main problems encountered within marinas and harbours is fuel andor black water  spillages into the water.  Black water is the dirty water pumped from bilges which can contain traces of oil or fuel.  Please take extreme care to avoid such spillages.
  • Toilet Waste
    It is prohibited to pump toilet waste into the marina and harbour.  To counter this activity we provide award winning exclusive Berth-holders facilities within the main building as well as pump out and chemical toilet disposal facilities (see Section 2).
  • Noise Pollution Regulations
    Noise pollution can be a problem, particularly within a residential area.  Please try to keep noise to appropriate levels.  Mid and East Antrim Borough Council’s Environmental Services Department investigates all complaints concerning noise pollution.
  • Pest control
    Large pest-resistant bins were positioned at the heads of the West Gate and Harbour bridges as well as in the Service Area at the main building.  To keep our environment as pest-free as possible, please ensure all waste is deposited in the appropriate waste receptacles.

2.   Carrickfergus Marina & Harbour - Environmental Facilities

A number of environmental facilities have been incorporated into the operation of the Marina & Harbour for use by Berth-holders and their provision is recognised by the prestigious awards listed below (see Section 4).  All the facilities listed are available Free of Charge

  • Emergency Pump
    An emergency pump is available from the Marina Office should you experience any difficulties with taking on water. 
  • Sewage Waste Management Systems
    A Pump-Out Facility for holding tanks and a Chemical Toilet Disposal Point are located at the bottom of the East Gate Bridge.  Both are easily operated and staff are on hand daily to assist if required.

A number of facilities are also available within the Marine Services site.  Carrick Marine Projects have approved waste management systems in place for the removal and disposal of resultant wastes.

  • Waste Paint Store
  • Waste Oil Bunker
  • Storage for Batteries
  • Service Berth

To reduce the risk of oil pollution within the marina basin, we would request that activities such as oil changes take place at the designated berth.  To facilitate this request and to enable easy access to the waste storage areas listed above, CMP can provide the use of a service berth for a short period of time.  This is available on request directly to CMP.

  • Enviro-ceptor
    The Enviro-ceptor is located beneath the main hoist area.  It is a containment receptacle and collects all anti-fouling and power washing residues.

3.         External Environmental Initiatives

Carrickfergus Marina & Harbour strives to maintain the highest standards and has been successful in incorporating the guidelines of the British Marine Federation’s Environmental Code of Practice into our business.  The following awards have been attained through external accreditation as a result of these environmental endeavours.   

4.         Gold Anchor Award Status

In May 2002, Carrickfergus Marina was validated as a world class destination by The Yacht Harbour Association.  The criteria for this prestigious award takes into account the delivery of the highest standards within a safe and healthy environment.

  • Port Waste Management Plan
    The Port Waste Management Plan is a legislative requirement on marinas and ports to provide a pro-active waste management system.  Its aim is to reduce the dumping of waste at sea and to protect the marine environment.  This Plan is approved and validated by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency by inspection on an annual basis.

5.   Useful Numbers

British Marine Federation 01784 473 377 Water Pollution Hotline 0800 807 060
Environment & Heritage Service 028 9082 3177 / 028 9082 3126 Mid and East Antrim Borough Council's Environmental Services Department 0300 124 5000
Maritime & Coastguard Agency 028 9147 5300 Health & Safety Agency 028 9024 3249
Royal Yachting Association 028 9038 3812 The Yacht Harbour Association 01784 223 817