Amphitheatre Wellness Centre, Carrickfergus

Kinesis™ Suite

Photograph of someone using the Kinesis Suite

Our Kinesis™ Suite is a specialised room dedicated to Technogym™ Kinesis™ resistance equipment. It is an innovative and unique system that focuses on movement through balance, flexibility, and strength.

The Kinesis™ Suite walls are constructed of panels with cables, grips, and weight stacks that allow movements to be easy, natural and without restrictions. Designed to accommodate movement in any direction and from any position, Kinesis™ provides unlimited exercises and movements to improve strength, flexibility, and balance.

Users of all fitness levels and backgrounds can benefit from Kinesis™. Those looking to burn calories while toning up will find that training on Kinesis™ recruits more muscle groups than traditional strength training, resulting in 30% more calories burned. Kinesis™ helps to train and improve balance with movements that simulate everyday activities, making it a useful tool for rehab patients, active aging members, deconditioned users, and anyone looking to strengthen the connection between mind and body. Athletes find that Kinesis™ programs can be designed to mimic their sport to help maximize performance.

Kinesis™ trains muscular strength and endurance; it also helps to improve balance, stability and flexibility. It is an elegant way to achieve functional fitness.


General access to the Kinesis Suite is limited to Adult Members only, using their membership cards. FREE Inductions to the Suite can be booked by speaking to a member of the Gymnasium staff or by contacting us on T: 028 9335 8342.

Please note that we reserve the right to close areas of the centre from time to time at our discretion, e.g. for maintenance repairs, refurbishment or cleaning.

Kinesis™ Training Recommendations

We recommend 1-2 Kinesis™ sessions a week in conjunction with your current workout or activity program to optimise your training routine. Alternatively, Kinesis™ can also be used as a stand alone workout. If you are new to exercise, or returning after a long break, Kinesis™ is an ideal activity that will allow you to simultaneously train balance, strength, and flexibility. Our specific Kinesis™ classes are led by certified instructors who have completed specialised Kinesis™ training.