Swim Lessons

Photograph of someone in a swimming pool

Larne Leisure Centre's swim lessons follow the ASA National Plan for teaching swimming.  It is an 'all-inclusive programme' which takes the non-swimmer from his or her first splash to developing competence and confidence in the water.  The main areas of skill which are developed as a swimmer takes their journey through aquatics are safe entry and exit, buoyancy and balance, rotation and orientation, streamlining, aquatic breathing, travel and co-ordination, water safety, health and fitness.

Parent/Child Lessons

(Age 4 months-2 years)

Introducing your child to the pool environment and the fun of learning to swim through play.


(Age 3-4 years)

Duck Awards:  Children learn to enjoy the fun of learning to swim.  Builds water confidence and provides a foundation level for swimming.


(Age 5+)

Stage 1 & 2:  Basic water safety, basic movement skills and water confidence.  Safe entries, including jumping in, basic floating, travel and rotation to regain stand position.  Use of floats and travel on back and front 5 metres with aids.

Little Seals

(Age 5+)

Stage 3 & 4:  Safe entries including submersion, travel up to 10 metres on front and back, progress rotation skills and water safety.  Develolp buoyancy-kick technique for all strokes and swimming 10 metres to ASA standard.


(Age 5+)

Stage 5 & 6:  Developing 'watermanship' through sculling and tread water skills and complete rotation, also performing all strokes to ASA standard.  Developing co-ordinated breathing and water safety.


(Age 5+)

Stage 7:  Developing quality stroke technique up to 100 metres, swim 25 metres all four strokes, tread water for 30 seconds and perform a sitting dive.  Incorporating skills learnt successfully complete an obstacle course.


  • Pupils are rewarded with badges and certificates for each stage achieved.
  • Prices for all pre-school lessons (3-4 years) and child lessons (age 5+) include 8 free swims for pupil.