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MEAqua Swimming Lessons

Do you or your little one want to learn to swim?

Check out our Lessons available to book below!


Our MEAqua Academy swimming lessons at Larne Leisure Centre are now available to book!

Specifically for those over 3 years who have not yet started school.

Apply online here. (Click on Larne Leisure Centre and choose MEAqua Academy).

Level One Swimming

We are now accepting applications for our Level One Swimming at both the Amphitheatre, in #Carrickfergus, and #Larne Leisure Centre.

These lessons are suitable for children aged 4 and over.

Apply online here. (Click on Amphitheatre and choose MEAqua Academy).

Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult Swimming Lessons at the Amphitheatre Wellness Centre in #Carrickfergus.

We will be running a dedicated 6-week course starting on the 10 November and running until the 15 December at the Amphitheatre Wellness Centre in #Carrickfergus.

Book online here.