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Glenarm Marina

Photograph of Glenarm Harbour

Glenarm has long been a port of call for sailors and yachtsmen travelling to and from Scotland's island-studded western coast and has proved a welcoming haven to visitors from all over the world.

Visiting vessels welcome.

Glenarm Marina offers 40 fully serviced pontoon berths within the village's historical limestone harbour, which is ideally situated within a day's sail of the Western Isles and Clyde.

Sailing Directions:

LAT:   54o 58’. 156N
LONG: 5o 57’. 068W

Glenarm Marina is situated on the northeast coast, approximately 18 miles south of Fair Head and 2 miles northwest of Park Head. 

54° 58.490' N, 005° 57.030' W is set 600 metres directly north of the entrance to the marina on the 10 metre contour.  Vessels approaching from the south will find few local hazards along this coast.

The only outlying hazards that need to be circumvented are the well-marked rock clusters of the Maidens and Hunter Rock. The Maidens are situated 8 miles to the southeast of Glenarm and Hunter Rock lies between the Maidens and Larne. Glenarm may be approached on either side of the Maidens and Hunter Rock.

It is the responsibility of the skipper to satisfy themselves as to the availability of depths for their vessel at any particular time.


Tel: 028 2884 1285
Mob: 07703 606 763


​Glenarm Marina
BT44 0EA