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Whitehead Walking Trail

Photograph of Whitehead lighthouse and Irish Sea

The view across Whitehead’s promenade and multi-coloured seafront will give you a sense of the real character and nature of this town. Whitehead is a pristine late-Victorian and Edwardian seaside resort, a place that has invited generations of visitors to stay, relax and enjoy its sights.

Welcome to the Whitehead Heritage and Wellbeing Trail

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This walking trail will help you discover and enjoy Whitehead’s many attractions, as well as some of its hidden gems (you’ll get some healthy, low impact walking exercise in the process!) From historic monuments to bracing seaside strolls; Christian heritage to a Great War airfield; a quiet nature reserve to mighty steam engines, there’s much to enjoy in this compact, friendly town.

Like all the best things in life, the sights of interest in Whitehead require a little time and effort to reach.  So be prepared for the weather - and wear a good pair of comfortable shoes!

History of the Town

The origins of Whitehead go back to the early 1600s, when a small hamlet grew around Castle Chichester - you can see the ruins of the castle in Chester Avenue. This settlement had its own quay, and traded with Scotland. But it was the arrival of the railway in 1862 that provided the stimulus for Whitehead to grow and take on its present-day character. With rail travel, Whitehead became an important link between Larne and Belfast and people built homes in the area. The railway also encouraged day trippers and visitors to come to the town. Victorian entrepreneurs saw the potential of this trade, and so villas, hotels, cafes, churches, pathways and a seaside promenade were built. By the late 1800s /early 1900s, Whitehead had become a popular seaside resort.

Exploring the Whitehead Heritage and Wellbeing Trail on foot is a stimulating and enjoyable way to help stay healthy.  You’ll see some fascinating places, learn some intriguing facts....and perform some useful exercise in the process.

To follow the Whitehead Heritage and Wellbeing Walking Trail please download our walking trail PDF to your tablet or smartphone for offline access: