Bins and Recycling

Bin Presentation

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Brown, black and blue bins and kerbie boxes must be presented by 7am to ensure collection.


  • Always leave your bin out by 7am, and keep it out until 8pm if it hasn't been collected
  • Leave it at the kerbside or your bin collection point and return it to your property after collection
  • Ensure the bin handles are facing out to roadside, to ease collection
  • Don't overfill your bin - make sure the lid closes properly
  • Don't put electrical or bulky items in your bin.
    Instead book a bulky collection.
  • Keep your bin clean, disinfected and in good repair
  • Don't put waste in or take waste out of a bin you don't own or control

Bins may not be collected for the following reasons:

  • Lids must be closed
  • There must be no ropes or cords attached to the bin
  • The lid and wheels need to be attached and in working order
  • If your bin is too heavy it cannot be lifted
  • Side waste presented outside the bin will not be collected
  • Wrong bin is presented
  • Bin contains items of contamination
  • Bins should be washed periodically

If your bin has not been collected due to any of the reasons above, a sticker will be placed on the lid and the reason highlighted.

To arrange an alternative collection or for further information please log onto Council Direct for online requests or call our helpdesk on T: 0300 124 5000 (Option 0) or email:


Please try to separate your waste as best you can.

If items which we cannot recycle are found in recycling bins it’s called contamination.

If household bins are contaminated, it is likely that a whole bin lorry of waste could be contaminated and all waste in it could end up in landfill.

If this happens our staff cannot empty the bin and will put a contamination label on it.

Putting the wrong materials into your recycling bins or boxes?

If you put the wrong materials in your recycling bins or boxes, we can't collect them.

It could contaminate our whole collection and all waste in the lorry may have go to landfill.

We'll put a non-collection sticker on it telling you why it wasn't collected.

Please remove the offending item, dispose of it correctly and put your bin or box out on the next collection date.

Waste Helpdesk:

Call us on T: 0300 124 5000 and select option 0 or email: