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Water Bottle

Have you got the bottle for a Refillution? 

Because you can change the world with tap water. Each time you refill a reusable water bottle, you cut plastic pollution, get world-class water, and save a bitta cash!

Council have joined the #Refillution to encourage everyone to refill a reusable water bottle with tap water and stop buying single-use plastic bottles. By switching to reusable bottles we can all help reduce plastic waste!

Why not take the NI Water Refillution pledge and start saving water and cutting down on single-use plastics today?

“I promise I’ll do my very best to:

  • Always refill from the tap
  • Always use a reusable bottle
  • Remember to carry my reusable bottle with me
  • Tell my friends about the #Refillution”

For more info, check out the NI Water Refillution page  or contact the Council directly at:
T: 0300 124 5000 Option O.