Waste Schemes & Initiatives

Reward4Waste Trial

With the introduction of new Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) legislation planned for 2023 in Northern Ireland, the Council are excited to be working in partnership with Bryson Recycling and Cryptocycle to launch this new trial, which will ask householders in Whitehead to participate in a new and innovative kerbside deposit return scheme, from the comfort of their own home.  

What you need to know 

The new home recycling trial in Whitehead will be launched on 30 September 2020 and will last for a period of 8 weeks. 

The trial will cover 2,000 households in the town.  

Whitehead households will be provided with an information pack including two unique stickers for their kerbside recycling boxes. A door-knocking campaign will be carried from 14 – 29 September to explain the trial in person.  

The trial packaging will include plastic drinks bottles, plastic milk bottles, drinks cans and glass wine bottles. 

The participating retailer, Spar, Edward Road, Whitehead, will place stickers (with a unique code) on the single-use trial packaging prior to sale. 

A ‘reward’ incentive will be given to consumers (10p for plastic milk bottles, cans, glass and 20p for all other plastic bottles) who use the Reward4Waste app to recycle.  

The collected rewards can be redeemed via as SPAR vouchers or paid to a choice of 3 charities – Hope House, Whitehead Primary School PTA or Keep NI Beautiful.

How it works 

Whitehead householders are asked to download the Reward4Waste app, scan their recycling box’s unique sticker and the packaging to be recycled. This will result in receiving a reward for stickered items. 

During normal kerbside collections, Bryson Recycling will scan the tagged boxes and the items inside will be recycled accordingly. 

Council are excited to be supporting this new, innovative recycling pilot in Whitehead, the first of its kind in Northern Ireland and look forward to shaping the future of recycling across Northern Ireland. 

For more information, please check out the CryptoCycle website.