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School Uniform Scheme

June 2022 will launch another school uniform scheme helping families across Mid and East Antrim cut the cost of going back to school.

The area’s Community Planning Partnership has teamed up with Mid and East Antrim Community Advice Services (MEACAS) and Volunteer Now to help provide parents with good quality, clean and pre-worn school uniforms.

This scheme was initially piloted across the borough in July 2019 and has been providing good quality pre-worn school uniforms ever since.

This has been a lifeline for many families, particularly during lockdown when charity shops were closed. Last year, families were able to telephone MEACAS and arrange to collect uniform items safely (subject to availability).

It can cost families up to £250 per child to buy school uniforms ready for the new academic year. This places additional stress on families. In these tough times with budgets already stretched, it could be ‘make or break for some of the households of the 30k schoolchildren across Mid and East Antrim.

Not only does it make good financial sense, but it also strengthens communities and makes good ecological sense.  School closures have been commonplace in fighting the battle against the pandemic, so whilst many uniforms may be outgrown, they will have had little wear so should be perfectly good for to be used by another child.  On average, each household bins more than 25kg of textiles a year. So rather than adding to the landfill mountains please play your part in helping us to sustain our beautiful environment.

The School Uniform Scheme is open to all families who require school uniform items – there are no qualifying criteria, and a referral is not required to access the scheme.

School uniforms are free of charge and uniform items are subject to availability.

Beneficiaries will be asked to complete a very short questionnaire, which will be anonymous. This will allow us to measure impact.

Please note all uniforms have been safely sorted and stored in line with all Government restrictions.