A Yellow Weather Warning for snow and ice is in place for Northern Ireland until midday on Monday 11 December 2017 and the Ice warning continuing until 11:00 on Tuesday 12 December 2017.

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Beaches and Coastline

Dogs on Beaches - Legislation

Photograph of a dog

Failure to pick up and deposit dog foul in a bin could result in a fixed penalty of £80.

The Dogs on Leads (Carnlough, Ballygally and Brown’s Bay) Order 2013, states that dogs are allowed on the three Seaside Award beaches at certain times with certain conditions:


  January to May Summer
June, July & August
September to December
Brown's Bay
Any time without a lead Between 11.00 and 18.00 dogs must be on a lead not more than 6ft long. 
Beyond these times, dogs do not have to be on a lead.
Any time without a lead

Portmuck and Drain’s Bay beaches – there are no limitations for these beaches but owners are asked to please use good judgement and to keep their dog under adequate verbal control if not on a lead.

Dog foul

Under legislation “The Fouling of Land by Dogs (Larne Borough Council) Order 2013, any person who is in charge of a dog or dogs must pick up dog foul immediately and deposit it in the bins provided, either a red bin specifically for dog foul or any ordinary litter bin.  Dog walkers are advised to carry a plastic bag for this purpose at all times and not to leave the plastic bag containing the dog foul behind but put it in the bin. 

Failure to observe the dog fouling or of not having a bag to remove it is not accepted as a reason for not lifting the dog foul.

Failure to pick up and deposit dog foul in a bin could result in a fixed penalty of £80.