Mid-Antrim Museum and The Braid Arts Centre

Mid-Antrim Museum Exhibitions and Events

‘Traces’ Exhibition 

12 April to 9 June
Mon to Fri: 10am to 5pm
Sat: 10am to 4pm

Traces is a project by a collective of five local artists.  The artists explore the ‘traces’ which built heritage has left behind in the rural landscape in the mid and east Antrim area. Increasingly, in a transient age, we are all looking for a sense of place to root ourselves, as belonging supports purpose and purpose defines us. The work undertaken has in many ways the complex impulse behind collecting which we all have. Traces can be superficially seen as a being a lament - an essay on loss, but more accurately it is purposeful recording and remembering so as not to forget.

Free admission

Image: Bertie Pennie The Enduring Lights

Ceramics Workshop with artist Paul Jordan (Fully Booked)

Saturday 12 May
10am to 3pm

Participants will get hands-on experience of using a range of clay making techniques and processes used by creating work similar to that which has been used by Paul in the Traces Exhibition. A relaxed fun, friendly and informative experience awaits!  No experience necessary. Paul’s work can be seen in the ‘Traces’ exhibition which is on display in the Mid-Antrim Museum from 12 April until 9 June.

Monotype Workshop with artist Maurice Orr

Saturday 19 May
11am to 3pm

Would you like to create your own unique print? Local artist Maurice Orr will introduce participants to the technique of monotype, the art of using printers ink on glass, using fine hand-made paper.  Beginners and improvers welcome. Maurice’s latest work will be on display in the ‘Traces’ Exhibition. The exhibition runs from 12 April until 9 June.

Cost £7.  

Places are limited and booking is essential.  To book please ring:

T: 028 2563 5077
E: TIC.Reception@midandeastantrim.gov.uk

Image: Monotype M Orr

Image of a Dolmen

Gallery: The Distant Past: Pre-historic Mid-Antrim

This exhibition looks at the relationship between Early Man and his environment. As humans developed their available range of tools and skills, so they increasingly left their mark on the landscape in the form of haunting stone and earth monuments.

Photograph of the Gallery at Mid-Antrim Museum

History Gallery

The History Gallery offers intriguing and revealing themes that explore identity, people and place.  The gallery tells the story of mid-Antrim from earliest times to the present day, wrapped in its national and international context.  

Interactive Collection Wall

Visitors begin their journey when they enter the Museum Atrium, a dramatic fourteen metre high space that contains a number of special installations that are designed to introduce themes of people and place, along with the role of the collection in reflecting local history and identity.