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Mid-Antrim Museum Exhibitions and Events

The Great War 1918: Death, Disease and Decisions Exhibition

Continues until 12 January 2019

Exhibition Gallery, The Braid
Mon to Fri: 10am to 5pm
Sat: 10am to 4pm

Stories of local soldiers who fought in the key campaigns that led to the signing of the Armistice are told against the backdrop of the changing political and social landscape in Ireland.   The legacy of the war is explored at an international and local level; including the 6 month search for peace at Versailles and how local communities in the mid-Antrim area got together to remember those who never returned home.  There is an area set aside for reflection and contemplation.  You will be welcome to share your response to the Great War with us and all who visit.  

Free admission

John Cennick 300: A Talk on the Life of John Cennick

Friday 2 November

Studio Theatre

Refreshments served prior to talk. 

Mid-Antrim Museum, in partnership with Gracehill Moravian Church, have organized a series of events to mark the 300th anniversary of the birth of Moravian preacher John Cennick. 

The first event is a talk by Gary Best which will highlight John Cennick’s significant contribution to the development of the Moravian faith locally and within Ireland. Gary Best is a Methodist historian and author of the recently published book ‘John Cennick: The Forgotten Evangelist: The Story of the First Methodist Lay Preacher Who Became the Apostle of Northern Ireland’. 

Refreshments served prior to talk. 

Free admission

John Cennick Guided Coach Tour

Saturday 3 November

Booking required. Contact:

T: 028 2563 5028 or
E: elaine.hill@midandeastantrim.gov.uk

A full day guided tour taking in locations associated with John Cennick such as Gracehill and Ballinderry.  The tour has been organized by Mid-Antrim Museum in partnership with Gracehill Moravian Church and is one of a series of events organized to mark the 300th anniversary of the birth of John Cennick.


John Cennick 300:  A Talk on the Theology of John Cennick

Saturday 3 November

Studio Theatre

Refreshments served prior to talk. 

Speaker Reverend Dr Bob Cotter explores the role John Cennick played in the eighteenth century evangelical revival.   The Rev. Dr Bob Cotter is a well-known local Minister and academic. 

This is the final event that has been orgainsed by Mid-Antrim Museum, in partnership with Gracehill Moravian Church, to mark the 300th Anniversary of John Cennick’s birth. 

Free admission

Image of a Dolmen

Gallery: The Distant Past: Pre-historic Mid-Antrim

This exhibition looks at the relationship between Early Man and his environment. As humans developed their available range of tools and skills, so they increasingly left their mark on the landscape in the form of haunting stone and earth monuments.

Photograph of the Gallery at Mid-Antrim Museum

History Gallery

The History Gallery offers intriguing and revealing themes that explore identity, people and place.  The gallery tells the story of mid-Antrim from earliest times to the present day, wrapped in its national and international context.  

Interactive Collection Wall

Visitors begin their journey when they enter the Museum Atrium, a dramatic fourteen metre high space that contains a number of special installations that are designed to introduce themes of people and place, along with the role of the collection in reflecting local history and identity.