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Since its inception in 2018, Midtown Sounds has provided a platform for musicians in the Borough, and organisers have worked hard to ensure the programmed sessions gives them the support to remain creative and an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Midtown Sounds Masterclasses

As part of a stellar line-up, Midtown Sounds 2021 took place over the weekend of March 5 and 6, and featured a mix of new and familiar faces, as well as these masterclasses from some of the music and events industry’s biggest success stories. To watch some of the 2021 acts visit our Midtown Sounds YouTube playlist.

Stephen Reid, Grafters Media

Stephen is one of the premiere content producers in Northern Ireland. As Grafters Media, he has been producing film and photography content for business for the past ten years. As the creator of the Ballymena Bears, his Christmas television Ads have done great work in promoting the Ballymena Town Centre and he has produced a number of music videos as part of our Midtown Sounds Projects. His steadily growing social media following and popular youtube channel leave him ideally placed to deliver this masterclass on how to improve the lighting on your home recorded music videos.


Phil Taggart, DJ/Author/Record Label Owner

Former Radio 1 DJ Phil Taggart sits down with us for a conversation around his book, The Slacker Guide to the Music Industry. The book is a guide for artists to help navigate them through the world of releasing music. 2 years of extensive research went into the book with over 70 contributions from top music industry people and artists such as Run The Jewels, Biffy Clyro,  Charli XCX and many more. As a musician, DJ and Record Label owner who has made such big waves across the water, we are sure Phil will have plenty of advice to share with us. Coming from Omagh, he is also well aware of the struggles facing local musicians in Northern Ireland, making his advice all the more relevant.


Michael McCluskey, Zero Hour Recording Studio

As a producer at Zero Hour Recording Studio in Coleraine, Ballymena native Michael McCluskey has been capturing the sounds of local artists for almost a decade. A member of Ballymena bands Sethway and Crosshair Kid, Michael has a huge grounding in the local music scene. Like Stephen, Michael has been working closely with Midtown Sounds since the beginning of the project, providing us with superb sounds in a variety of locations. We are delighted that he will be sharing his tips and tricks with us to help you improve the audio quality of your home recorded videos. The tips and tricks that have helped a number of our local artists… including chart topping JC Stewart no less.