Information And Regulations

We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable stay at Carnfunnock Country Park and ask that all our customers observe these rules.

Access and Security

For your convenience and security the caravan park vehicle entrance gate, the amenity block door and external courtyard are all electronically operated.

Key fobs and door codes are supplied at check in.

Barrier Access to Caravan Park

Please use fob provided at check in to access and exit the main caravan park - do not stop in this area.

A dedicated car park for campers cars is located adjacent to the tent area.

As access involves crossing a pedestrian path extra vigilance is required - gave way to pedestrians at all times.

The Council reserves the right to introduce additional security measures at any time and to notify customers staying onsite accordingly.

BBQs and Fire Safety

Open fires of any description are not permitted.

Gas heaters should not be used in tents.

It is illegal for firefighting equipment to be used for any purpose other than the fighting of fires.

A recharge fee applies to discharged fire extinguishers and individuals responsible may be banned from the site.

All caravans must be fitted with a fire extinguisher.

In the event of a fire in a caravan or in the amenity block:

  • Ensure that the premises are evacuated
  • Raise the alarm
  • Call the Fire Brigade (999)

Only purpose built, free standing BBQs with protective lid and ash control perimeter are permitted.

These must be put out with water prior to retiring for the night. In the event of ash damaging vehicles or property of another camper, then the matter will be resolved between both parties involved. 

The use of disposable BBQs is not permitted in the Caravan Park.

To accommodate this type of BBQ, picnic tables with attached grills are located 2 throughout the Park, primarily in the lower and upper car parks, Games Field and Visitor Centre.

Behaviour and Noise

No Noise between 10pm – 8am.

We expect everyone to have courtesy, respect and consideration at all times to other caravanners and campers.

Excessive noise, bad language, unruly and intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated.

Televisions, radios and stereos should be used considerately during the day and should not be audible outside your caravan, motorhome or tent between 10pm and 8am.

Petrol/diesel generators are forbidden.

If your party wishes to socialise later we would request that you relocate to the main car park to minimise disturbance to other campers.


Bicycles must be ridden with due care and attention on designated roads/ paths.

This includes staying on the main route in the woodland area of the Park, proceeding with caution and giving way to pedestrians.

Cyclists must not ride at night and must observe the Parks 5mph speed limit.

Booking Conditions

All customers must comply with our booking conditions (available from the Visitor Centre or online).

Children Parents or guardians are responsible for their children’s actions and their safety at all times whilst in the Park.

  • No noise before 8am or after 10pm in order to minimise disturbance to others.
  • Children (under 16) must not be left unattended in the Park.
    Children are not permitted to play in or around the amenity block.
  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian when using the amenity block and other park facilities.
  • Please note the Adventure Playground is for children aged 12 and under only and no children are permitted to enter the site when closed.
  • Please respect other camper’s pitches.
  • Children must not be allowed to play in the vehicular barrier area.

Cleaning Operations

Normal cleaning times (subject to occupancy and operations) will be:

Between 8am and 9am Between 12.30pm and 1.30pm
Between 4pm and 5pm Between 7pm and 8pm

The Council reserves the right to close sections or the whole amenity block to campers at specific times whilst cleaning duties or maintenance are undertaken.

Facilities remain open at the Visitor Centre and Activity Centre whilst toilet cleaning is underway for customer use.

Please contact reception immediately should amenity blocks need attention.

Customer Comments / Complaints

Should you experience any problems or have any queries during your stay, our onsite Park Rangers and Visitor Centre staff will be pleased to be of assistance.

We welcome your comments and/ or suggestions on any aspect of the Park’s operation and comment forms are available in the amenity block, at the Visitor Centre and in the Activity Centre.

A visitor book is also available in the Visitor Centre.


A power pedestal unit is provided at each hardstand.

Please do not make any alteration or extension to this installation.

If the trip switch is found to have been by-passed, the Council will disconnect the electricity supply and a surcharge for electricity will be made.

The Council shall not be liable for the failure of or loss or damage arising from any electricity failure. 

The Council shall have the right:

  1. to interrupt the electricity supply to your caravan for the maintenance and repair of equipment or the electricity supply, and
  2. to limit the amperage of electrical current at your unit.
    This is limited to 16 amps - 230 volt A.C. connection.
    If the current operated tripswitch is tripped, it is your responsibility to reset the unit.
    If payment is not received then the Council shall have the right to disconnect the electricity supply.

Freezer and Fridge use

A freezer is available for use with named ICEBLOCKS only - no frozen food.

A fridge is also provided.

Please remove your property when you leave.

Grass cutting

Grass cutting is carried out from April to October.

Cutting will take place around tents and awnings and visitors are requested to stay well clear of machinery.

Please remember to wipe grass from your feet before entering the amenity block or this will result in floors becoming dirty very quickly.

Ground Sheets

Only breathable groundsheets are permitted and must not have rugs/mats placed on top of them.

No electric fan heaters are permitted in awnings.

For occupations of more than 7 days, awning ground sheets must be removed for a period sufficient to allow the grass to recover.

Ideally ground sheets should be lifted each morning to preserve the health of the ground beneath.

Legal Matters

Damage to the site

Anyone found defacing or causing damage to any buildings, equipment or property of the Park faces immediate eviction and prosecution.

The pitch hirer will be responsible for and charged for any damage/breakages/loss caused by themselves or their visitors to the pitch or to any Park facilities or to other campers’ property.

Loss, Damage and Injury

Your vehicles and their accessories and contents are left at your own risk.

Council, its staff and agents shall not be liable for the loss or theft of, or 5 damage to, any property whilst they remain in Carnfunnock Country Park nor for any injury, accident or mishap to any person in the park, unless the same be caused or contributed to by any negligence or default on the part of the Council or its employees.

Customers must ensure that their property is secure and fully insured for any unforeseen eventuality. 

Lost Property

Any article lost or found at the site must be reported and handed into the Visitor Centre.

Left belongings can be collected or returned by arrangement and pre-payment of postage and packing.

At the end of the season, all unclaimed property will be donated to a local charity shop.

Local Attractions

There are many attractions on site available to use throughout the duration of your stay.

Please note that some of the facilities are open for reduced hours outside of peak season.

Details of useful services and interesting places to visit are displayed on the notice board, located in the amenity block.

Staff on site will be happy to assist with advice on the local area.

Further information is available from park staff.

Pest Control

If you are aware of a sudden increase in vermin or notice any wasp nests please notify our Visitor Centre staff in order to address the problem.


Pets are welcome on site but please remember:

  • Carnfunnock Country Park has several zones in relation to control of dogs.
    Maps detailing these zones are available at reception.
  • Always clean up after you dog – dog waste bags are available from Carnfunnock Visitor Centre, Activity Centre and barrier hut.
  • Dogs must be kept under control at all times.
  • Excessive barking cannot be tolerated.
  • Please do not leave pets in vehicles.
  • Council Enforcement Officers patrol the park to offer advice and ensure compliance with the Dog Control Order.

Reporting of Accidents or Emergencies

Please ensure that you report immediately, to the Visitor Centre, any injury occurring to a member of your party within the Park, or where property damage has occurred.

Restricted and Prohibited

The following activities should not take place in the caravan/campsite:

  • Ball games (football/cricket/baseball/hockey/golf etc.)
  • Water balloons or water guns within the amenity block;
  • Eating or drinking within the amenity block;
  • Using disposal BBQs
  • Hanging ropes, paddling pools or water slides

The following activities are prohibited:

  • Smoking in any buildings.
  • Drinking alcohol in public areas.
  • Having illegal substances and weapons
  • Lighting open fires
  • Repairing vehicles
  • Sub-letting sites
  • Motorised scooters/quads (except disabled scooters).

Telephone / Deliveries

Telephone messages (unless urgent) cannot be delivered.

A payphone is provided in the amenity block.

Letters and parcels etc. will be accepted at the Visitor Centre and held for collection but the Council will not undertake to advise the consignee.

Use of Sites

All equipment, such as gas and electrical appliances, vehicles, camping gear etc. supplied or used by campers must comply with Government regulations and all safety requirements.

No caravan/tent may bear any form of advert, drawing, poster or slogan other than the manufacturers name plates or transfers.

Windbreaks and awnings are permitted provided they are kept well clear of neighbouring pitches.

Tents are only permitted within the allocated tent areas.

Campers must keep their pitch and facilities in a clean and tidy condition during their stay and leave the pitch and facilities as found.

Campers must ensure there are no obstructions on paths or roads.


In the interests of security, you must inform us of your vehicle registration details.

Only one car per pitch is allowed and a pass must be displayed in order to gain admittance.

All other vehicles must park in designated parking areas.

Drivers are asked to observe a 5mph (8km/h) speed limit throughout the Park and to drive safely at all times.

Vehicles must NOT park or drive on the grass.


Visitors to the site will be charged for parking at the normal rate.

No visitors are permitted after 10pm.

Washing Facilities - Dishes and Clothes

Instructions for use of the washing machine and tumble drier are displayed in the laundry room.

Dishes and clothes must be washed in the sinks as provided.

Please use outdoor sinks for washing outdoor equipment and clothing.

Hot water is provided in the amenity block.

For safety reasons, please do not erect temporary clothes lines or hang clothes on trees or between caravans, tents or vehicles.

Laundry tokens can be purchased at the Visitor Centre or from Park Rangers.

Water Supplies

Stand pipes are located in the bin compound areas.

Please advise Visitor Centre staff of any water leaks and do not waste water.

It is not permitted to use hose pipes, wash cars or caravans or fill paddling pools/water slides on site All showers are electric providing hot water immediately.

The sink hot water supply can be reduced when the bath facility is in 8 frequent use.

Please be patient as it may take time for hot water to be produced in the sinks.

Waste Disposal

General Rubbish

Rubbish must be bagged and disposed of in the black wheelie bins provided.

These bins are emptied on Monday and Thursday.

Scraps of food must not be ‘left out for the birds’ as this may encourage vermin.

Chemical Waste

All chemical toilet waste must be flushed away using the sluice facility, which is located in the external courtyard.

This operates using a manual toilet flush mechanism and customers are requested to rinse the unit after use, using the hose provided.

Do not use sinks or drains for this waste.


Glass/cans/tins and plastic bottles can be recycled on site.

Please use bins as designated.

Sanitary Waste

Sanitary bins are provided in all the ladies toilets and within the unisex disabled toilets.

Nappy bins are provided in the family room and baby changing room.

Please use these bins and do not flush hand towels, nappies or sanitary products down toilets as this can result in blockages.

Wi-Fi Service

Free Wi-Fi is operational around the Caravan Park amenity block, hard stand pitches and camping areas.

Customers will need to check for available Wi-Fi Networks and connect accordingly.

Compliance of Site Regulations

Failure to comply with the site regulations will result in appropriate action being taken i.e.

a. Verbal warning from Council staff
b. Formal written notice to leave the site
c. Refusal of future bookings
d. Formal report made to PSNI

Action taken will reflect the nature and severity of an incident.

Anyone requested to leave will not receive recompense or a refund.

The Council reserves the right to ban individuals from future use of the Park if a minimum of 3 written complaints are received from other campers and are substantiated by Council staff.

Additionally the Council reserves the right to ban individuals based on observation of activities that are detrimental to the Park or the wellbeing and safety of other Park visitors.

All damages must be paid for.

Failure to remove your caravan/motor home/tent will entitle the Council to remove/store any such items and the costs involved will be recovered by the Council.

The Council shall not be liable for any injury, damage or loss caused to any such item or its contents during its removal and storage.

CCTV footage may be used for crime prevention and public safety

Useful Telephone Numbers 

Emergency Services (Fire, Police, Ambulance) 999
Non-emergency Police Service 101
Payphone 028 2826 7166
Mid & East Antrim Borough Council 0300 124 5000
Park Warden (Please note: There is no warden presence overnight) 07970 196 728