Key Stage 1 Amazing Mazes

The following Key Stage 1 activities can be downloaded below:

For Pre and Post Visit

Cover Sheet, Contents and Introduction to Mazes:

Activity 1:          Bear Hunt Activity
Activity 2:          Story of Theseus and the Minotaur
Activity 3:          Amazing Maze Biscuits
Activity 4:          Musical Maze Journey

For During Visit
Activity 5:          Treasure Hunt
Activity 6:          Blindfold 'Bear Leading'
Activity 7:          Musical Maze Journey & Sound Location Activity

Equipment needs are outlined in the teacher's notes and curriculum information section of each worksheet and will depend on the activity chosen.  Please remember to book your educational visit in advance by ringing us on T: 028 2826 2471 and be aware that the maze will remain open to the general public throughout the day so adequate supervision must be provided.