Walled Garden Maths Trail

This is an innovative way for Key Stage 2 Primary School children to learn about maths and apply their knowledge within the Walled Garden of the Park.

Booking is essential with a maximum number of 32 children at any one time.

We will normally only permit one school at a time to undertake this activity but subject to school size, two may be accommodated.

Please ring to check availability then complete the booking form which can be downloaded below.

To prevent all the children being in the same place at the same time, the pupils will work in 9 teams of between 2 to 4 pupils.

There are 10 activities for the children to complete in 9 different sign-posted locations within the garden.

Activity 1 should always be first as it involves collection of data throughout the garden but the rest are carried out in their own locations.

Each team starts at a different location and works through the activities in sequential order.

The trail should take about one hour. It is permitted to walk on the grass in the Tme Garden.

Season All year round
Age of Pupils Key Stage 2 to 3 (9 - 11 years)
Duration Approx. 1 hour
Cost It is free to download and participate in the Maths Trail but there may be associated costs for parking, eating facilities or hire of the Education Centre.
Curricular Links Mathematics Processing, interpreting and applying data.
  ICT Finding things out, exchanging and sharing information.
   English Speaking, listening, group discussion and interaction, reading for information.
  Geography Use maps and plans, to gain an understanding of places, patterns and processes, environmental change and sustainable development.

Materials Required:

  1. Workbook: This is freely downloadable below and may be photocopied.
    One workbook is necessary per team.
    The workbook must only be used for educational purposes and not for commercial gain (including books and publications).
    It must also not be copied onto the internet. 
  2. Pen, clipboard and metre stick per team (2-4 pupils.) 
    Calculator optional.
  3. One trundle wheel per school.