Artisan Producers

Camran Artisan Marshmallows

Photograph of some marshmallows from the Camran website

Camran Artisan Marshmallows was set up by two friends both with a passion for producing high quality natural produce. 

Their children have additional needs and this led to a desire to develop a treat that they could enjoy and yet not be affected by additives and E numbers. They tasted so good that they quickly developed a range that is now enjoyed not just by the children, but by adults too! 

They use only natural flavours. These pillowy mallows are hand-made to perfection. The majority of the marshmallows are gluten and egg-free. This gives them a long shelf life of up to 12 weeks. We love the handmade packaging too. Don’t leave it too long before you check out their Mallow Menu.


M: 07795 564 272