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Glenarm Organic Beef and Lamb

Photograph of the Glenarm Shorthorn Beef from their website

Talk about to the manor born! These cows and sheep have pedigree. Literally! 

They all know that Shorthorn is one of the finest traditional breeds. They’ve built up an impressive organic pedigree herd that’s growing all the time. Their standards are very high. The Estate is continually adapting to the challenges of modern farming and in 2008 they decided to farm less intensively and convert to organic. 

The Glenarm Shorthorn beef goes to Peter Hannan to have a fortnight in his salt chamber. That’s like going to the Algarve for steak. Demand is so great they’re actively seeking more farmers to supply this meat.

As for their woolly friends, all we can say is there’s lamb, and then there’s exquisite grass-fed, free to roam, finished on clover Glenarm Organic Lamb! This spectacular tasting lamb is raised in the high open meadows of Glenarm’s upland areas, thriving on a diet that’s free from artificial supplements or stimulants.

The result? Delicate flavour and tenderness beyond compare.


M: 07764 250 171 or T: 028 2884 1203