A Yellow Weather Warning ice is in place for Northern Ireland until 11:00 on Tuesday 12 December 2017.

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Artisan Producers

Granny Shaw’s Fudge Factory

Photograph of some of Granny Shaw's Fudge products

From kettle to market in 24 hours is a regular occurrence at Granny Shaw’s HQ in County Antrim. It is made using the freshest ingredients and creamy Irish butters in a myriad of flavours. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated and keeps at its best for up to six weeks.

The Granny Shaw’s family are fully paid-up fudgeaholics. This purely American invention is little more than a century old. Most accounts agree that the first batch was the result of an accident while making some other confection. What a happy mistake! People all over the world know and love it and Granny Shaw’s is some of the best.


T: 028 2589 1790
E: info@grannyshawsfudgefactory.co.uk
W: www.grannyshawsfudgefactory.co.uk


Granny Shaws Fudge Factory
49 Millfields
BT42 3HF