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Moditions Bakery

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Moditions began as a journey of love when its founder Christine Shaw endeavoured to create great-tasting gluten-free bakes for her coeliac husband. Today, she owns a dedicated gluten-free bakery full of delicious products everyone can enjoy.

Maintaining the quality of their range is a big part of their company values. They don’t outsource production, nor do they hold stock. All of their cakes are baked to order just for you, handmade by their team, using only the best quality ingredients. This demands careful planning, tiny turnaround times and a tight schedule to make sure their produce gets to you in the manner it (and you!) deserve.

The team also make their own jams to top and fill their cakes. We just adore that Jam and Coconut Sponge. Someone, put the kettle on. As they say at Moditions “Created with love, baked with a smile”. You will smile when you eat them, too!

You can even visit their shop online!


T: 028 2556 7227