Artisan Producers

Tom and Ollie

Image of the Tom and Ollie web logo with the text: Always Market Fresh

Always Market Fresh is the slogan for these guys. Tom and Ollie is the company name but it’s Shay and Cormac who produce a whopping 65 different mezze lines in County Antrim. They take raw material from Ireland, the UK and Europe and transform it into totally yummy hummus, pestos, tapenades, olive mixes…you get the idea.

They also sell the best of local artisan wild honey, cheese from near and far, seafood, charcuterie and seasonal garlic and cheese sandwiches at St George’s Market, Belfast, farmers’ markets and events.

They’re launching an online door to door deli service in July. Among other things, they will do £30 party packs which will be delivered in iceboxes within 48 hours.

What a great idea!

Check out the website for details.


M: 07736 349 535 (Shay)
M: 07823 449 224 (Cormac)