History and Heritage

Ballylumford Dolmen

Photograph of the Ballylumford Dolmen

Ballylumford Dolmen is situated near the north-west tip of the Islandmagee peninsula and near Ballylumford power station. It is known locally as the “Druid’s Altar”, and could be 4000 years old, or the remains of an even earlier passage grave.

It was built by the first people who lived on Islandmagee. Now standing at the front of a family home, the dolmen is one of the world's greatest authentic garden features.

The dolmen consists of four upright stones, with a heavy capstone and a fallenstone within the structure. This may have been put there to block the entrance to the tomb. Historical artifacts have been recovered from under the dolmen by archaeologists and it would appear to have stood over a burial chamber from ancient times.

A wall plaque at the site describes the dolmen as a single chambered grave erected about 2000-1600 BC.

Local finds indicate occupation of the neighbourhood during the Bronze Age.


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