History and Heritage

Geological Heritage

Photograph from along the coastal route

Our coast and glens provide an unparalleled variety of geology in such a small area with rock formations created in a range of environments from arid desert, warm tropical seas, explosive volcanic eruptions, to cold glacial conditions. Signs of this geological history surround us, in the cliffs, mountains and beaches that make up our natural landscape and in the rocks beneath our feet.

We invite you to explore and learn how this wonderfully scenic area of Northern Ireland came to be the shape it is today.

To learn more about the natural heritage of the area please visit the Antrim Coast and Glens - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty site.

It provides a wealth of advice and guidance on where to see evidence of the geological past.

You can also download their leaflet which provides some background to the Antrim Coast and Glens' natural, built and cultural heritage.

Our local places of geological interest include:

  • The Gobbins and Portmuck
  • Waterloo Beds, Larne
  • Scawt Hill
  • Slemish Mountain
  • Garron Point

Geographical information on the above sites are available in the Rockin the Causeway Coast and Glens publication by the Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust.