Parks and Open Spaces

Oakfield Glen and Bashfordsland Wood

Photograph of the entrance to Oakfield Glen linking to Bashfordsland Wood

Oakfield Glen and Bashfordsland Wood sit side-by-side on the western edge of Carrickfergus, approximately 1 ½ miles from the historic town centre. There is free public access across the entire site at all times.

Bashfordsland Wood is owned and managed by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council. Oakfield Glen is owned and managed by The Woodland Trust. Council and The Woodland Trust have been working in partnership on the two sites since 2007 and have created a network of paths and access points between the two sites. The designations are used fairly interchangeably by locals with whom the area as a whole is very popular for walking and jogging, and many are unaware when they cross from one to the other.

Photograph from inside Oakfield Glen and Bashfordsland WoodFacilities

There are spaces for car parking along Oakfield Drive (Oakfield entrance) and at Red Fort Park (Bashfordsland entrance) and free parking is also available at the Oakfield community centre on Oakfield Drive.

There are toilet facilities and a café in Oakfield community centre.

The site contains an outdoor gym, an orienteering course, sculpture trails and three wildlife ponds.


Visitors can access the woodland via Prince Andrew Way, Red Fort Park or via access points off Oakfield Drive. There is a bus route along the Marshallstown Road and Oakfield Drive. The woodland is easily accessible from the town centre and is well used by walkers and locals.